Definitions of may

  1. get to or be allowed to do something; " May I go to the movies tonight?"; " Can I have some ice cream?"; " We got to play video games all day long"
  2. thorny Eurasian shrub of small tree having dense clusters of white to scarlet flowers followed by deep red berries; established as an escape in eastern North America
  3. the month following April and preceding June
  4. A maiden.
  5. The fifth month of the year, containing thirty- one days.
  6. The early part or springtime of life.
  7. The merrymaking of May Day.
  8. Might.
  9. An auxiliary verb qualifyng the meaning of another verb, by expressing: ( a) Ability, competency, or possibility; - now oftener expressed by can.
  10. The flowers of the hawthorn; - so called from their time of blossoming; also, the hawthorn.
  11. The merrymaking of Day.
  12. To be able; be allowed; to express earnest desire; as, may you never repent this act; to be, under the circumstances, possible; as, the illness may cause his death; to chance, or happen by chance.- May, the fifth month of the year.
  13. The fifth month of the year: the early or gay part of life.
  14. To gather May ( prov. E. the blossom of the hawthorn, which blooms in May):- pr. p. Maying.
  15. The fifth month of the year.
  16. To be able; to be possible, or allowed.
  17. To have permission or ability.
  18. To be possible.
  19. The fifth month.
  20. The fifth month of the year; the early part of life; hawthorn blossom.
  21. Togather flowers in may- blossom.
  22. Strength; force; power. With might and main, with the utmost strength.
  23. An auxiliary verb expressing liberty, desire, or wish; to be able; to be possible, as it may be so; to be permitted or allowed; to be by chance, as how old may he be.