Definitions of severe

  1. Serious in feeeling or manner; sedate; grave; austere; not light, lively, or cheerful.
  2. Very strict in judgment, discipline, or government; harsh; not mild or indulgent; rigorous; as, severe criticism; severe punishment.
  3. Difficult to be endured; exact; critical; rigorous; as, a severe test.
  4. Rigidly methodical, or adherent to rule or principle; exactly conformed to a standard; not allowing or employing unneccessary ornament, amplification, etc.; strict; - said of style, argument, etc.
  5. Severity.
  6. Severeness.
  7. causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm; " a dangerous operation"; " a grave situation"; " a grave illness"; " grievous bodily harm"; " a serious wound"; " a serious turn of events"; " a severe case of pneumonia"
  8. very strong or vigorous; " strong winds"; " a hard left to the chin"; " a knockout punch"; " a severe blow"
  9. Grave in manner; forbidding; strict; harsh; as, severe methods of discipline; extremely plain; as, a gown of a severe style; sharp; distressing; as, severe pain; hard to bear; trying; as, a severe test.
  10. Serious: grave: austere: strict: not mild: strictly adhering to rule: sharp: distressing: inclement: searching: difficult to be endured.
  11. Strict; austere; grave; distressing; harsh; cruel; inclement.
  12. Hard to bear; painful.
  13. Harsh; merciless.
  14. Serious; grave; sedate.
  15. Rigid; harsh; not mild or indulgent; rigorous; very strict; often, over- strict; grave; rigidly exact; sharp; biting; concise; critical.
  16. Harsh; extremely strict or exact; apt to punish; earnest; rigid; stern; unpitying; austere; sober; sedate; intense, as cold; distressing; inclement, as the weather; searching, as a test or trial; excessive; rigidly adherent to a certain rule or standard, as applied to style in art; not employing unnecessary amplification or ornament, said of the style of a speaker or writer; close; concise.