Definitions of electric

  1. a car that is powered by electricity
  2. Any body capable of exhibiting electricity and of preventing the passage of it from one body to another.
  3. ( of a situation) exceptionally tense; " an atmosphere electric with suspicion"
  4. Alt. of Electrical
  5. Relating to, containing, generated by, or produced by, electricity; electriceel, a fish found in Brazil, having an eellike body, and the power of giving an electric shock.
  6. Relating to, produced, or operated by electricity.
  7. Spirited; magnetic; thrilling. Electrical.
  8. Containing electricity or capable of exhibiting it when excited by friction; pertaining to electricity; derived from or produced by electricity; conveying electricity; communicating a shock like electricity; acting like electricity. Electric aura, a current of electrified air, employed as a mild stimulant in electrifying sensitive parts, as the ear or the eye. Electric battery, a number of electric jars united so as to give a powerful discharge. Electric circuit, or electric current, the transmission of electricity from a body overcharged to one that is undercharged, through the agency of metallic wires or conductors. Electric clock, a clock either moved or controlled by electricity. Electric column, a sort of electric pile composed of thin plates of different metals, with paper interposed between them. Electric fluid, the supposed matter of electricity. Electric jar, a jar so constructed as to be able to be charged with electricity. Electric light, a brilliant white light due to the intense heat in a solid body caused by the passage of an electric current through it. Electric machine, an apparatus for producing electricity. Electric telegraph, an apparatus for transmitting messages and intelligence by means of electro- magnetism over wires, either for long or short distances. Electric wire, the popular name for the wires of the electric telegraph.