Definitions of town

  1. an administrative division of a county; " the town is responsible for snow removal"
  2. the people living in a municipality smaller than a city; " the whole town cheered the team"
  3. an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city; " they drive through town on their way to work"
  4. Formerly: ( a) An inclosure which surrounded the mere homestead or dwelling of the lord of the manor. [ Obs.] ( b) The whole of the land which constituted the domain. [ Obs.] ( c) A collection of houses inclosed by fences or walls.
  5. Any number or collection of houses to which belongs a regular market, and which is not a city or the see of a bishop.
  6. Any collection of houses larger than a village, and not incorporated as a city; also, loosely, any large, closely populated place, whether incorporated or not, in distinction from the country, or from rural communities.
  7. The body of inhabitants resident in a town; as, the town voted to send two representatives to the legislature; the town voted to lay a tax for repairing the highways.
  8. A township; the whole territory within certain limits, less than those of a country.
  9. The metropolis or its inhabitants; as, in winter the gentleman lives in town; in summer, in the country.
  10. A farm or farmstead; also, a court or farmyard.
  11. The court end of London;- commonly with the.
  12. Any collection of houses, making a distinct place with a name, larger than a village but not organized as a city; the citizens or voters of such a place; a closely populated place as contrasted with the country; a unit of local government.
  13. A place larger than a village, not a city: the inhabitants of a town.
  14. Collection of houses larger than a village; the inhabitants of a town.
  15. A collection of houses larger than a village; also, the people of such place, collectively.
  16. A township.
  17. Originally a fortified place; a collection, of indefinite extent, of houses larger than a village, specially one with a regular market and inferior to a city; a city; the inhabitants of a town or city; the metropolis or its inhabitants; the court end of London.
  18. Properly; an enclosed place, then a farm, dwelling, village, or collection of house walled in; any collection of houses larger than a village; any principal collection of houses of a county; the metropolis.

Quotes of town

  1. My mother is, my father certainly was. They were kind of the local intelligentsia in the town where I grew up. – Alison Bechdel
  2. I like travelling and if I have to come to Hollywood to make a movie I will, but otherwise I'd never move there. It's very much an industry town and that doesn't really interest me. – Juliette Binoche
  3. My vanity was flattered by having been mistaken for our revered sovereign. I ordered a banquet to be got ready for the following evening, under the trees before my house, and invited the whole town – Adelbert von Chamisso
  4. No, I did night clubs right here in Los Angeles. My partner, Phil Erickson, put me in the business, a guy from my home town a dear friend who we just lost a couple of months ago. – Dick Van Dyke
  5. There's so few people in this town with a conscience. – Blake Edwards
  6. You know, let's put it this way, if all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, if they went on vacation, there wouldn't be a person left in town – Michael Jackson
  7. I came from a small town and at school in one class there was me, a member from Depeche Mode and someone who went on to join The Cure. That was all in one class of 30 kids. – Alison Moyet
  8. I grew up in this town my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests. – Pablo Neruda
  9. There's a lot of labor involved in the birth of a new town – Michael Richards
  10. So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. – Will Rogers
  11. I've been in this business for years and I'm still befuddled by the ways of this town – Meg Ryan
  12. The Town Clerkship, however, was the means of giving me a lesson in electoral methods. – Catherine Helen Spence
  13. Los Angeles, I don't like that town Too decadent, and it's slimy. – Layne Staley
  14. We'll free every slave in every town and region. Can anybody get a bigger army than that? – Dalton Trumbo
  15. My dad was the town drunk. Most of the time that's not so bad; but New York City? – Henny Youngman

Usage examples for town

  1. Who is 'Lonzo's best friend in this town – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln
  2. " I read something the other day in a book- about the town of Abdera. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  3. Here, indeed, was the town but where were the people? – Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast by Samuel Adams Drake
  4. What else has happened in the town since we left it? – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal
  5. He had business in town – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  6. Oh, you mean in town – The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Various
  7. How was Silas to get out of town – The Minute Boys of Boston by James Otis
  8. 1784. Have you sold them for town girls, and got money for them? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  9. Do I know the town – The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays by Various
  10. But that was all the town did know about the matter. – Green Valley by Katharine Reynolds
  11. Is there any chance of his coming to town – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  12. You only came to the town yesterday. – The Parson O' Dumford by George Manville Fenn
  13. " Tell you what," said Roy suddenly, " we'll get into the car and drive back to town – The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly by Margaret Burnham
  14. But- sure- he could take us to town 'most any day after that. – Land of the Burnt Thigh by Edith Eudora Kohl
  15. My dear, said Dot, holding her closely, it's only that Bertie didn't go up to town on business. – The Knave of Diamonds by Ethel May Dell
  16. The town must think that he is. – The Cross-Cut by Courtney Ryley Cooper
  17. Oh, we did a great deal in town – A Country Gentleman and his Family by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
  18. Then he came to the town where the bad dead live. – Philippine Folk-Tales by Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict
  19. She was the talk of the town – This Country Of Ours by H. E. Marshall Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
  20. You would be too far from town to call help. – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown

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