Definitions of physical

  1. Physically.
  2. impelled by physical force especially against resistance; " forcible entry"; " a real cop would get physical"; " strong- arm tactics"
  3. having substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses; " a physical manifestation"; " surrounded by tangible objects"
  4. concerned with material things; " physical properties"; " the physical characteristics of the earth"; " the physical size of a computer"
  5. characterized by energetic bodily activity; " tennis is an active sport"; " a very physical dance performance"
  6. according with material things or natural laws ( other than those peculiar to living matter); " a reflex response to physical stimuli"
  7. involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit; " physical exercise"; " physical suffering"; " was sloppy about everything but her physical appearance"
  8. Of or pertaining to nature ( as including all created existences); in accordance with the laws of nature; also, of or relating to natural or material things, or to the bodily structure, as opposed to things mental, moral, spiritual, or imaginary; material; natural; as, armies and navies are the physical force of a nation; the body is the physical part of man.
  9. Perceptible through a bodily or material organization; cognizable by the senses; external; as, the physical, opposed to chemical, characters of a mineral.
  10. Relating to nature or natural science; material as opposed to moral or spiritual; pertaining to the body; as, physical weakness.
  11. Pertaining to nature or natural objects: pertaining to material things: known to the senses: pertaining to the body.
  12. Pertaining to nature or material things; corporeal.
  13. Relating to the material universe or to the bodily life of man; corporeal; material.
  14. Pertaining to nature, natural productions, or material things; pertaining to physics; perceptible by the senses.
  15. Pert. to nature or natural productions; pert. to the body or material things; perceptible to the senses; external.