Usage examples for cannon

  1. A cannon ball took him from his friends, from his family, from the happiness which surrounded him. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. Tom told what the cannon had done. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. It's Mr. Cannon as they generally do see. – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  4. More to the point, they gathered up all the cannon and machine guns around the place and got them onto contragravity in the street. – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper
  5. The answer was a brave refusal, but against his cannon nothing availed. – The South American Republics Part I of II by Thomas C. Dawson
  6. This time it came like a cannon ball, and red hot too, for Washee- Washee was almost lifted out of his seat. – First Fam'lies of the Sierras by Joaquin Miller
  7. As good as the holy man who charmed the cannon! – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  8. And then, sweetheart, you will go along to Erraidh, and you will go up to the signal- house on the rocks, and we will fire a cannon to tell the men at Dubh- Artach to look out. – Macleod of Dare by William Black
  9. " It was firing a little brass cannon," answered Umboo. – Umboo, the Elephant by Howard R. Garis
  10. At the end of fifty- six minutes, we heard the report of the cannon which informed us that we had, at that moment, disappeared from view at Paris. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  11. Learning it was out of respect for him he directed the gunners to point their cannon at his mansion. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  12. The cannon are of gold embroidery. – American Military Insignia 1800-1851 by J. Duncan Campbell
  13. " Brother, I've come for the cannon," he said. – As It Was in the Beginning by Philip Verrill Mighels
  14. Place them before the mouth of the cannon, and they will show you how death for one's king is met. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  15. Now, boys, at them; we must take the cannon! – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  16. Presently the Chevalier bowed his head upon the cold iron of the cannon. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  17. They took care not to approach the forts; the darkness was so thick that the soldiers discovered nothing unusual and did not fire the cannon as was the custom on the approach of the enemy. – The Makers of Canada: Bishop Laval by A. Leblond de Brumath
  18. The bridal night's red morning Breaks to the trumpet's warning; When cannon peals begin, Fetch I the loved- one in. – The Student-Life of Germany by William Howitt
  19. It was as yet but five o'clock in the morning when the cannon broke out into a roar on both sides. – Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden by G. A. Henty