Definitions of no

  1. n[= o], adv. the word of refusal or denial: not at all: never: not so: not.-- n. a denial: a vote against or in the negative:-- pl. NOES ( n[= o]z).-- adj. not any: not one: none.-- advs. N[= O]' WAY, in no way, manner, or degree-- also N[= O]' WAYS; N[= O]' WISE, in no way, manner, or degree.-- NO ACCOUNT, worthless; NO DOUBT, surely; NO GO ( see GO); NO JOKE, not a trifling matter. [ A.S. ná, compounded of ne, not, and á ever; nay, the neg. of aye, is Scand.]
  2. particle equivalent to negative sentence, & n. ( pl. noes). The answer to your question is negative, your request or command will not be complied with, the statement made or course intended or conclusion arrived at is not correct or satisfactory, ( no, nor, form for substituting stronger phrase, as A man could not lift it, no, nor half a dozen). ( N.) the word no, a denial or refusal, ( two noes make a yes; will not take no for an answer, persists in spite of refusals); ( pl.) voters against a motion( the nn. have it, are in a majority).
  3. no cards, no flowers, intimations in newspaper announcements of death &c. that invitations to funeral &c. are not being sent out, that tributes of flowers are not desired.
  4. ( Alw. as alternative after or) not( usu. whether or no, in either case, also tell me whether or no; pleasant or no, it is true).
  5. ( Alw. with compar.) by no amount, not at all, ( no better than before; no sooner had he said it than, as soon as he had said it; no LONG er); no less( than), as much( n., a., adv.) or many( as) ( gave me £50, no less, no less than £50; no less than ten people have told me; did it no less for my warning; is no less than a scandal; a no less fatal victory); no more, ( n.) nothing further( have no more to say; want no more of it; often ellipt. for say no more or let us have no more of it), ( adj.) not any more( no more wine?), ( adv.) no longer( is no more, is dead or passed away), never again, to no greater extent( is no more a lord than I am, could no more help laughing than I could fly), just as little, neither, ( you did not come, no more did he). [ old English]
  6. Not any( no circumstances could justify it; no date, abbr. n. d., =undated, in library lists &c.; no song no supper, you must sing first; no END; by no MEAN s); not a, quite other than a, ( service of no honourable kind; is no part of my plan; is no genius), hardly any( is no distance; did it in no time), there is &c. no -ing, none is &c. possible( there\'s no accounting for tastes; there was no mistaking what he meant); imperfect substitute for, absence of, ( often no-; these opinions or rather no opinions; his faith or no-faith); ( in ellipt. sentences) we will not have any, let there not be any, there is not any, ( no Popery, surrender, &c., whence no-Popery riots, a no-confidence vote, &c.; now no mistake, understand me clearly; & no MISTAKE; no DOUBT; no WONDER); no ball, unlawfully delivered ball in cricket, umpire\'s announcement of this, ( vb, no-b.) pronounce( bowler) to have bowled n. b.; no-being, non-existence; nobody, no person( everybody\'s BUSINESS is nobody\'s business; nobody ever did his, or irreg. their, work better), ( w. pl.) person of no importance, authority, or position; no GO; nohow, in no way, by no means, ( usu. w. can, -able, &c.), be, feel, look, &c., nohow, out of order, out of sorts; no man, no person( no man\'s land, piece of waste, unowned, or debatable ground); no-meaning, nonsense; no one, no person; no thoroughfare, notice that path, street, &c., is closed at other end, or that entrance is not permitted( no-t., such path); noway( s), nowise, in no manner, not at all; nowhence, nowhither, from, to, no place; no whit, not at all( usu. w. compar.).