Definitions of fortune

  1. To make fortunate. Chaucer: to dispose of, fortunately or not. Shak.: to foretell the fortune or lot of; to presage. Dryden; Shak.
  2. To fall out; to happen.
  3. To befall: to fall out: to happen: to come casually to pass. " They attempted to remonstrate, but were warned to beware, lest 'it might fortune to cost some their heads. ' "- Hallam.
  4. To make fortunate; to dispose fortunately or not; to presage.
  5. your overall circumstances or condition in life ( including everything that happens to you); " whatever my fortune may be"; " deserved a better fate"; " has a happy lot"; " the luck of the Irish"; " a victim of circumstances"; " success that was her portion"
  6. a large amount of wealth or prosperity
  7. The arrival of something in a sudden or unexpected manner; chance; accident; luck; hap; also, the personified or deified power regarded as determining human success, apportioning happiness and unhappiness, and distributing arbitrarily or fortuitously the lots of life.
  8. That which befalls or is to befall one; lot in life, or event in any particular undertaking; fate; destiny; as, to tell one's fortune.
  9. That which comes as the result of an undertaking or of a course of action; good or ill success; especially, favorable issue; happy event; success; prosperity as reached partly by chance and partly by effort.
  10. Wealth; large possessions; large estate; riches; as, a gentleman of fortune.
  11. To make fortunate; to give either good or bad fortune to.
  12. To presage; to tell the fortune of.
  13. The good or ill that happens to man; chance; fate; wealth; possessions; future destiny.
  14. Luck; chance; whatever befalls; lot in life; wealth.
  15. Chance; especially, favorable chance; lot; luck; success; a large estate; wealth.
  16. The good or evil that befalls man; chance; accident; wealth; estate; possessions; the portion of a man or woman; destiny; fate.