Definitions of fall

  1. To drop from a higher place by the power of gravity; to drop from an erect posture; to discharge itself; to lapse from faith or rectitude; to die by plague or sword; to come to an end suddenly; to sink into disgrace or misery; to decline in power, wealth, or glory; to pass into a worse state; to come; to sink; to be diminished in weight or value; not to amount to the full; to be rejected; to decline from violence to calmness; to pass into a new state; to sink into an air of dejection, discontent, anger, sorrow, or shame; to befal; to light on; to assail; to come unexpectedly; to rush or hurry to; to pass by chance, lot, distribution, inheritance, or otherwise, as possession or property; to become the property of; to be uttered carelessly; to become feeble or faint; to be brought forth; to issue; to terminate.
  2. To Descend, either suddenly or gradually; particularly, to descend by the force of gravity; to drop; to sink; as, the apple falls; the tide falls; the mercury falls in the barometer.
  3. To cease to be erect; to take suddenly a recumbent posture; to become prostrate; to drop; as, a child totters and falls; a tree falls; a worshiper falls on his knees.
  4. To become prostrate and dead; to die; especially, to die by violence, as in battle.
  5. To cease to be active or strong; to die away; to lose strength; to subside; to become less intense; as, the wind falls.
  6. To be overthrown or captured; to be destroyed.
  7. To descend in character or reputation; to become degraded; to sink into vice, error, or sin; to depart from the faith; to apostatize; to sin.
  8. To become insnared or embarrassed; to be entrapped; to be worse off than before; asm to fall into error; to fall into difficulties.
  9. To sink; to languish; to become feeble or faint; as, our spirits rise and fall with our fortunes.
  10. To pass somewhat suddenly, and passively, into a new state of body or mind; to become; as, to fall asleep; to fall into a passion; to fall in love; to fall into temptation.
  11. To happen; to to come to pass; to light; to befall; to issue; to terminate.
  12. To come; to occur; to arrive.
  13. To begin with haste, ardor, or vehemence; to rush or hurry; as, they fell to blows.
  14. To pass or be transferred by chance, lot, distribution, inheritance, or otherwise; as, the estate fell to his brother; the kingdom fell into the hands of his rivals.
  15. To belong or appertain.
  16. To be dropped or uttered carelessly; as, an unguarded expression fell from his lips; not a murmur fell from him.
  17. To let fall; to drop.
  18. To sink; to depress; as, to fall the voice.
  19. To diminish; to lessen or lower.
  20. To bring forth; as, to fall lambs.
  21. To fell; to cut down; as, to fall a tree.
  22. To find a final outlet; to discharge its waters; to empty; - with into; as, the river Rhone falls into the Mediterranean.
  23. To issue forth into life; to be brought forth; - said of the young of certain animals.
  24. To assume a look of shame or disappointment; to become or appear dejected; - said of the countenance.
  25. To be wanting to; disappoint.
  26. To drop from a higher to a lower place; drop from an erect position; descend; sink; perish; be degraded or disgraced; befall or happen; as, night falls; become the property of; as, the estate falls to him.
  27. To drop down; to descend by the force of gravity; to become prostrate; ( of a river) to discharge itself; to sink as if dead; to vanish; to die away; to lose strength; to decline in power, wealth, value, or reputation; to sink into sin; to depart from the faith; to become dejected; to issue; to enter upon with haste or vehemence; to rush; - pr. p. falling; pa. t. fell; pa. p. fallen.
  28. To descend by force of gravity; decline; sink; abandon virtue, faith, & c.; happen; rush.
  29. To descend by the force of gravity; drop; sink; decline; decrease; droop; die.
  30. To sin; err; apostatize.
  31. To pass or be transferred as by chance, inheritance, etc.; happen; come to pass.
  32. move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way; " The temperature is going down"; " The barometer is falling"; " The curtain fell on the diva"; " Her hand went up and then fell again"
  33. pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind; " fall into a trap"; " She fell ill"; " They fell out of favor"; " Fall in love"; " fall asleep"; " fall prey to an imposter"; " fall into a strange way of thinking"; " she fell to pieces after she lost her work"
  34. lose an upright position suddenly; " The vase fell over and the water spilled onto the table"; " Her hair fell across her forehead"
  35. touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly; " Light fell on her face"; " The sun shone on the fields"; " The light struck the golden necklace"; " A strange sound struck my ears"
  36. To prove inadequate; waste away; decline; dwindle; be unsuccessful or insolvent.
  37. To sink or depress; to diminish; to bring forth; to fell; to cut down To fall aboard of, to strike against, as one vessel coming into collision with another To fall astern, to drop rearward To fall away, to lose flesh; to pine; to renounce allegiance; to revolt; to renounce the faith; to apostatize; to sink into wickedness; to perish; to be lost; to fade; to languish. To fall back, to recede; to give way; not to fulfil. To fall calm, to become calm. To fall down, to prostrate one's self in worship; to drop to the ground; to bow down as a suppliant; to sail or pass toward the mouth of a river or other outlet. To fall foul, to attack; to make an assault. To fall from, to depart from; not to adhere to, as an agreement; to depart from allegiance or duty. To fall in, to agree with; to comply; to join, as a procession. To fall in with, to meet, as a ship; also to discover or come near, as land. To fall off, to withdraw; to die away; to withdraw from the faith or from allegiance or duty; to abandon; to drop; to depreciate; to become less valuable or interesting, as a periodical. To fall on, to begin suddenly and eagerly; to assail; to drop on; to descend on. To fall out, to quarrel; to happen. To fall over, to desert from one side to another; to fall beyond. To fall short, to be deficient. To fall to, to begin hastily and eagerly; to apply one's self to. To fall under, to come under or within the limits of; to be subjected to; to become the subject of; to come within; to be ranged or reckoned with.
  38. To drop or come down from a higher to a lower; to descend; to depart from the faith; to perish; to decrease in price or value; to flow into, as a river; to sink; to come in or upon; to forsake; to happen.
  39. Falling.
  40. Fallen.
  41. a downward slope or bend
  42. a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity; " a drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index"; " there was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery"; " when that became known the price of their stock went into free fall"
  43. a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity; " it was a miracle that he survived the drop from that height"
  44. the time of day immediately following sunset; " he loved the twilight"; " they finished before the fall of night"
  45. a lapse into sin; a loss of innocence or of chastity; " a fall from virtue"
  46. the lapse of mankind into sinfulness because of the sin of Adam and Eve; " women have been blamed ever since the Fall"
  47. go as if by falling; " Grief fell from our hearts"
  48. occur at a specified time or place; " Christmas falls on a Monday this year"; " The accent falls on the first syllable"
  49. begin vigorously; " The prisoners fell to work right away"
  50. be born, used chiefly of lambs; " The lambs fell in the afternoon"
  51. come out; issue; " silly phrases fell from her mouth"
  52. be cast down; " his eyes fell"
  53. assume a disappointed or sad expression; " Her face fell when she heard that she would be laid off"; " his crest fell"
  54. fall or flow in a certain way; " This dress hangs well"; " Her long black hair flowed down her back"
  55. descend in free fall under the influence of gravity; " The branch fell from the tree"; " The unfortunate hiker fell into a crevasse"
  56. drop oneself to a lower or less erect position; " She fell back in her chair"; " He fell to his knees"
  57. slope downward; " The hills around here fall towards the ocean"
  58. move in a specified direction; " The line of men fall forward"
  59. fall to somebody by assignment or lot; " The task fell to me"; " It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims"
  60. be captured; " The cities fell to the enemy"
  61. to be given by assignment or distribution; " The most difficult task fell on the youngest member of the team"; " The onus fell on us"; " The pressure to succeed fell on the yougest student"
  62. to be given by right or inheritance; " The estate fell to the oldest daughter"
  63. lose office or power; " The government fell overnight"; " The Qing Dynasty fell with Sun Yat- sen"
  64. suffer defeat, failure, or ruin; " We must stand or fall"; " fall by the wayside"
  65. yield to temptation or sin; " Adam and Eve fell"
  66. lose one's chastity; " a fallen woman"
  67. die, as in battle or in a hunt; " Many soldiers fell at Verdun"; " Several deer have fallen to the same gun"; " The shooting victim fell dead"
  68. be due; " payments fall on the 1st of the month"
  69. come under, be classified or included; " fall into a category"; " This comes under a new heading"
  70. The act of falling; a dropping or descending be the force of gravity; descent; as, a fall from a horse, or from the yard of ship.
  71. The act of dropping or tumbling from an erect posture; as, he was walking on ice, and had a fall.
  72. Death; destruction; overthrow; ruin.
  73. Downfall; degradation; loss of greatness or office; termination of greatness, power, or dominion; ruin; overthrow; as, the fall of the Roman empire.
  74. The surrender of a besieged fortress or town ; as, the fall of Sebastopol.
  75. Diminution or decrease in price or value; depreciation; as, the fall of prices; the fall of rents.
  76. A sinking of tone; cadence; as, the fall of the voice at the close of a sentence.
  77. Declivity; the descent of land or a hill; a slope.
  78. The discharge of a river or current of water into the ocean, or into a lake or pond; as, the fall of the Po into the Gulf of Venice.
  79. Extent of descent; the distance which anything falls; as, the water of a stream has a fall of five feet.
  80. The season when leaves fall from trees; autumn.
  81. That which falls; a falling; as, a fall of rain; a heavy fall of snow.
  82. The act of felling or cutting down.
  83. Lapse or declension from innocence or goodness. Specifically: The first apostasy; the act of our first parents in eating the forbidden fruit; also, the apostasy of the rebellious angels.
  84. Formerly, a kind of ruff or band for the neck; a falling band; a faule.
  85. Descent of water; a cascade; a cataract; a rush of water down a precipice or steep; - usually in the plural, sometimes in the singular; as, the falls of Niagara.
  86. The act of dropping from a higher to a lower place; distance through which anything drops; overthrow; ruin; death; waterfall; cataract; decrease in value; autumn.
  87. A waterfall.
  88. The act of falling, in any of its senses; descent by gravity; a dropping down; overthrow; death; descent from a better to a worse position; slope or declivity; descent of water; a cascade- though in this sense the plural is used, as Niagara Falls, Falls of St. Anthony, etc.; length of a fall; outlet of a river; decrease in value; a sinking of the voice; the time when the leaves fall, autumn; that which falls; a lapse into sin, especially that of Adam and Eve, called THE FALL: - pl. ( Apocrypha) death, overthrow.
  89. Act of failing; descent; decline in value; autumn; a cascade; lapse from innocence, & c.
  90. The act of falling.
  91. Autumn.
  92. The rope of a tackle.
  93. The act of falling; descent by gravity; tumbling from an erect posture; death; destruction; overthrow; downfall; declension of greatness, power, or dominion; ruin; diminution; decrease of price or value; a sinking of tone; cadence; declivity; descent of water; a cascade; a cataract; the outlet or discharge of a river or current of water into the ocean or into a lake or pond; the distance which anything falls; the fall of the leaf; autumn; that which falls; a falling; the act of felling or cutting down; that part of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting. The Fall, the act in which the parents of the human race first asserted their own free will and sundered themselves and the race from that state of innocence the distinctive mark of which was unreasoning implicit, childlike trust in a higher will, so called, as, in the orthodox regard, a lapse from goodness.
  94. The act of dropping or coming down from a higher to a lower; a tumble; ruin; apostasy; decrease of price or value; a rush of water down a steep place; autumn.
  95. A short veil worn over the bonnet by females; a veil.
  96. Pertaining to the autumn.
  97. Fell.