Definitions of ill

  1. an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining
  2. (` ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well; " he was ill prepared"; " it ill befits a man to betray old friends"; " the car runs badly"; " he performed badly on the exam"; " the team played poorly"; " ill- fitting clothes"; " an ill- conceived plan"
  3. unfavorably or with disapproval; " tried not to speak ill of the dead"; " thought badly of him for his lack of concern"
  4. not in good physical or mental health; " ill from the monotony of his suffering"
  5. with difficulty or inconvenience; scarcely or hardly; " we can ill afford to buy a new car just now"
  6. distressing; " ill manners"; " of ill repute"
  7. resulting in suffering or adversity; " ill effects"; " it's an ill wind that blows no good"
  8. indicating hostility or enmity; " you certainly did me an ill turn"; " ill feelings"; " ill will"
  9. presaging ill- fortune; " ill omens"; " ill predictions"; " my words with inauspicious thunderings shook heaven"- P. B. Shelley; " a dead and ominous silence prevailed"; " a by- election at a time highly unpropitious for the Government"
  10. Contrary to good, in a physical sense; contrary or opposed to advantage, happiness, etc.; bad; evil; unfortunate; disagreeable; unfavorable.
  11. Contrary to good, in a moral sense; evil; wicked; wrong; iniquitious; naughtly; bad; improper.
  12. Sick; indisposed; unwell; diseased; disordered; as, ill of a fever.
  13. Not according with rule, fitness, or propriety; incorrect; rude; unpolished; inelegant.
  14. Whatever annoys or impairs happiness, or prevents success; evil of any kind; misfortune; calamity; disease; pain; as, the ills of humanity.
  15. Whatever is contrary to good, in a moral sense; wickedness; depravity; iniquity; wrong; evil.
  16. In a ill manner; badly; weakly.
  17. Worse.
  18. Worst.
  19. Bad or evil; contrary to good; causing or attended by evil or suffering; in a bad or disordered state physically or morally; sick; diseased; unfriendly; not proper; unskilful; vicious.
  20. Misfortune; disease; anything that prevents what is good; something morally bad; mischief.
  21. Not well; not easily.
  22. Sick, unwell.
  23. ( comp. WORSE: superl. WORST), Evil, bad: contrary to good: wicked: producing evil: unfortunate: unfavorable: sick diseased: improper: incorrect: cross, as temper.
  24. Not well: not rightly: with difficulty.
  25. Evil: wickedness: misfortune.
  26. When compounded with other words, expresses badness of quality or condition.
  27. Bad; sick.
  28. Badly; wrongly.
  29. Evil; misfortune; wickedness.
  30. Disordered physically; sick.
  31. Baneful; harmful; inferior.
  32. Anything bad; injury; harm; misfortune.
  33. Not well; badly; poorly.
  34. With difficulty; hardly.
  35. Bad or evil; contrary to good; producing evil; cross; diseased; sick or indisposed; suggestive of evil; unfavourable; rude; unpolished; not proper.
  36. Wickedness; evil; misfortune.
  37. Bad; evil; contrary to good; unfortunate; unfavourable; sick; unwell; cross; surly.
  38. As the first element of a compound, signifying " a negation" or " some bad quality connected with it"; not well; badly.

Usage examples for ill

  1. " Is he ill again? – What Dreams May Come by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  2. You'll not forget to find out in some way if the Baron is ill, will you? – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
  3. Is the child ill? – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  4. Mrs. Lorimer has been taken ill. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  5. Mother, I cried, you are ill! – Mr. Marx's Secret by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  6. The man had been ill used. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  7. " 'This young friend was very ill; you would not have had me leave him? – Scenes in Switzerland by American Tract Society
  8. Mrs. Dearmer has been taken ill. – My Diary in Serbia: April 1, 1915-Nov. 1, 1915 by Monica M. Stanley
  9. I tell you, since the time I saw him lying next to Your Majesty, I have never felt more ill will for any man in the world than I feel for him. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  10. He is very ill indeed. – The Golden Web by Anthony Partridge
  11. And for the rest, you must read me ill. – Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard
  12. I'm afraid that I am ill, he said; call Gongi. – Cumner & South Sea Folk, Complete by Gilbert Parker
  13. We have been with you all night- since you were taken ill, that is. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  14. Many speak ill of her. – An Orkney Maid by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  15. Did Miss Warren see me while I was ill? – Cardigan by Robert W. Chambers
  16. Hubbard had been ill, and I had been ill. – The Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace
  17. Poor fellow, he looks very ill indeed to- night. – Philistia by Grant Allen
  18. She say she is ill! – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  19. Who could take it ill of you? – Plays A Protégée of the Mistress; Poverty Is No Crime; Sin and Sorrow Are Common to All; It's a Family Affair--We'll Settle It Ourselves by Alexander Ostrovsky
  20. No, no; I am not ill; it is over now. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood