Definitions of result

  1. issue or terminate ( in a specified way, state, etc.); end; " result in tragedy"
  2. a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem; " they were trying to find a peaceful solution"; " the answers were in the back of the book"; " he computed the result to four decimal places"
  3. The decision or determination of a council or deliberative assembly; a resolve; a decree.
  4. A flying back; resilience.
  5. Consequence; effect.
  6. the semantic role of the noun phrase whose referent exists only by virtue of the activity denoted by the verb in the clause
  7. That which results; the conclusion or end to which any course or condition of things leads, or which is obtained by any process or operation; consequence or effect; as, the result of a course of action; the result of a mathematical operation.
  8. Consequence; conclusion; effect; decision.
  9. To issue ( in): to follow as a consequence.
  10. To be a result; follow; issue.
  11. To leap back; to rebound.
  12. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; " the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; " his decision had depressing consequences for business"; " he acted very wise after the event"
  13. To follow as a consequence.
  14. To proceed, spring, or rise, as a consequence, from facts, arguments, premises, combination of circumstances, consultation, thought, or endeavor.
  15. Consequence: conclusion: decision.
  16. result in; " The water left a mark on the silk dress"; " Her blood left a stain on the napkin"
  17. The outcome of an action; consequence; effect.
  18. That which proceeds from a given state of facts, & c.; consequence; inference; decision; issue.
  19. To come out, or have an issue; to terminate; to have consequences; - followed by in; as, this measure will result in good or in evil.
  20. To follow as a consequence or effect; as, much good will result from this law; be an outcome; end.
  21. To follow or have origin, as a consequence, from facts, arguments, thought, & c.; to spring; to arise; to originate; to issue; to ensue.
  22. To follow as a consequence; to issue; to come to a determination.

Usage examples for result

  1. Is this another result of your influence over me? – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins
  2. The result was unfortunate. – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. Never doubt the result; victory will be yours. – The True Citizen, How To Become One by W. F. Markwick, D. D. and W. A. Smith, A. B.
  4. But the result had been well worth it. – Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock
  5. Still that strange breath of feeling had left some result. – The Rectory Children by Mrs Molesworth
  6. The result, in either case, is enough for me. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  7. So you seem to think; but you see the result. – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  8. By this time I had gathered courage to let her know how she stood in my regard, and with the worst result for me that could have happened. – Athelstane Ford by Allen Upward
  9. The details of her face came out only as the result of determined study. – Angel Island by Inez Haynes Gillmore
  10. The result surprised him even more than it did me. – The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood
  11. We must not mind blood nor death- for the result means the life or death of the world's soul! – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort
  12. The case was probably allowed to drop, as no result can be found. – The Life of Captain James Cook by Arthur Kitson
  13. The result, however, was different; but then it was said by the hon. – Selected-Speeches-on-British-Foreign-Policy-1738-1914 by Jones, Edgar R. (Edgar Rees), Sir
  14. The result was confusion. – The Siege of Boston by Allen French
  15. We shall not know the result till next week. – The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. IX by Various
  16. Look at the result! – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  17. That she must fear the result of the trial, he thought, was certain, but he could not bring himself to have any such fear. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  18. Need I tell you the result? – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins