Definitions of bad

  1. Worst.
  2. that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; " take the bad with the good"
  3. Badness.
  4. That which is bad; those who are bad.
  5. A bad state or condition.
  6. Bade.
  7. Badly.
  8. reproduced fraudulently; " like a bad penny..."; " a forged twenty dollar bill"
  9. having undesirable or negative qualities; " a bad report card"; " his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"; " a bad little boy"; " clothes in bad shape"; " a bad cut"; " bad luck"; " the news was very bad"; " the reviews were bad"; " the pay is bad"; " it was a bad light for reading"; " the movie was a bad choice"
  10. capable of harming; " bad habits"; " bad air"; " smoking is bad for you"
  11. not financially safe or secure; " a bad investment"; " high risk investments"; " anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky"; " speculative business enterprises"
  12. feeling physical discomfort or pain (` tough' is occasionally used colloquially for ` bad'); " my throat feels bad"; " she felt bad all over"; " he was feeling tough after a restless night"
  13. nonstandard; " so- called bad grammar"
  14. below average in quality or performance; " a bad chess player"; " a bad recital"
  15. with great intensity (` bad' is a nonstandard variant for ` badly'); " the injury hurt badly"; " the buildings were badly shaken"; " it hurts bad"; " we need water bad"
  16. Wanting good qualities, whether physical or moral; injurious, hurtful, inconvenient, offensive, painful, unfavorable, or defective, either physically or morally; evil; vicious; wicked; -- the opposite of good; as, a bad man; bad conduct; bad habits; bad soil; bad health; bad crop; bad news.
  17. Evil; morally wicked; vicious; corrupting; hurtful; offensive; defective; legally worthless; severe; unfortunate; ill; sick.
  18. Ill or evil: wicked: hurtful:- comp. WORSE; superl. WORST.
  19. Opposite to good; vicious; wicked; deficient; incorrect; worthless; unfortunate; disagreeable.
  20. Opposite of good; ill; evil; hurtful; wicked; immoral; unfortunate; unhappy.
  21. Ill; evil; hurtful; opposite of good.