Definitions of own

  1.   Belonging to; belonging exclusively or especially to; peculiar; -- most frequently following a possessive pronoun, as my, our, thy, your, his, her, its, their, in order to emphasize or intensify the idea of property, peculiar interest, or exclusive ownership; as, my own father; my own composition; my own idea; at my own price.
  2.   Belonging to oneself or itself.
  3.   To hold as property; to have a legal or rightful title to; to be the proprietor or possessor of; to possess; as, to own a house.
  4.   Belonging to; peculiar.
  5.   To grant: concede: acknowledge.
  6.   Belonging to, or that belongs to; peculiar; possessed; used after the poss. pronouns, my, thy, his, her, our, your, their, to render them emphatic, as our own.
  7.   See under owe.
  8.   Belonging or peculiar to.
  9.   belonging to or on behalf of a specified person ( especially yourself); preceded by a possessive; " for your own use"; " do your own thing"; " she makes her own clothes"; "` ain' is Scottish"
  10.   To confess: followed by to.
  11.   To possess; confess; acknowledge.
  12.   Possessed: belonging to: peculiar.
  13.   To avow or admit.
  14.   To grant; to acknowledge; to admit to be true; to confess; to recognize in a particular character; as, we own that we have forfeited your love.
  15.   To have the rightful title to; possess.
  16.   Belonging to oneself; individual; real; intimately related.
  17.   To possess: to have a rightful title to.
  18.   have ownership or possession of; " He owns three houses in Florida"; " How many cars does she have?"
  19.   To admit; acknowledge; confess; avow; recognize.
  20.   To possess; admit, as a fault.
  21.   To hold or possess by right; to avow; to confess.

Quotes of own

  1. A mind at liberty to reflect on its own observations, if it produce nothing useful to the world, seldom fails of entertainment to itself. – George Berkeley
  2. I want to host a religious show. I'm sure nobody will be wanting the 11 o'clock spot on Sunday morning. I think we should really get some of our own preachers and preach that gay is good. And we'd have a great choir. – Kate Clinton
  3. We wanted to guide the musicians, so we could create our own sound. We would never let the band just go in and play the chord sheets. We were very focused on what we had in mind for these productions. – Lamont Dozier
  4. I think that it's not as crazily different, my job, from anyone else's, as people let themselves believe. I think people get wrapped up in their own idea of what it is, but it's really not that. – Jennifer Garner
  5. I just came into my own sexuality at thirty. I don't think it's something you can deeply experience at 18 or any time before that. – Eva Longoria
  6. For me, it's a bigger challenge, it's much harder to do and much more rewarding to do well, then just to think up stuff of your own hit or miss, because you've got to see to it that you don't torpedo any of his punch lines. – Humphrey Lyttelton
  7. Every man is his own hell. – H. L. Mencken
  8. When I go in to compete, whether it's gymnastics or anything else, I do my own thing. I compete with myself. – Shannon Miller
  9. I was born first to music. But I went into acting because my father knew so much about music he intimidated me. So, I picked an art form, he knew nothing about. So I could be my own man. – Michael Moriarty
  10. What does it mean to be an American? While each of us may have our own specific answer to that question, we likely can agree on the basic principles of America: freedom, equal opportunity, and rights accompanied by responsibilities. – Ben Nelson
  11. Music is your own talent and is an important tool. Even if you don't want to be a role model, get ready to be in the public eye. Energy is there, you just have to use it. – Sean Paul
  12. I don't like playing standards. I like to do my own cutting edge work. – Andy Summers
  13. I was intelligent enough to make up my own mind. I not only had freedom of choice, I had freedom of expression. – Amy Tan
  14. Although my early equipment was very modest, later I made my own and they were more powerful. – Clyde Tombaugh
  15. Every baseball crowd, like every theatre audience, has its own distinctive attitude and atmosphere. – Bill Veeck

Usage examples for own

  1. “ " Tell us all about it your own way. ” – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  2. Don't you understand I must take my own time? ” – The Danger Mark by Robert W. Chambers
  3. Got my own back there. ” – Ulysses by James Joyce
  4. “ I know better: I see better people: I go my own way. ” – The Virginians by William Makepeace Thackeray
  5. Go then, go your own way. ” – The Fortune of the Rougons by Emile Zola
  6. But if she did keep something of her own – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  7. She had not even a child of her own – Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson
  8. Oh, my own own – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  9. Well, have it your own way, of course. ” – The Privet Hedge by J. E. Buckrose
  10. You should believe more in your own – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  11. Well, own it then. ” – Patty in Paris by Carolyn Wells
  12. “ " My own dear old man! ” – The Master of the Ceremonies by George Manville Fenn
  13. Have it your own way, said he. ” – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston
  14. As if she were my own child. ” – Timar's Two Worlds by Mór Jókai
  15. “ I have a heart of my own – Lady Maude's Mania by George Manville Fenn
  16. You are your own – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  17. It's your own house. ” – The Argonauts of North Liberty by Bret Harte
  18. “ I mean to die in my own home. ” – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker
  19. “ No, I own the name 'Trevelyan. ” – Lord Stranleigh Abroad by Robert Barr
  20. You are my own dear boy. ” – The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim

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