Definitions of aspect

  1. the expression on a person's face; " a sad expression"; " a look of triumph"; " an angry face"
  2. a characteristic to be considered
  3. The act of looking; vision; gaze; glance.
  4. Look, or particular appearance of the face; countenance; mien; air.
  5. Appearance to the eye or the mind; look; view.
  6. Position or situation with regard to seeing; that position which enables one to look in a particular direction; position in relation to the points of the compass; as, a house has a southern aspect, that is, a position which faces the south.
  7. Prospect; outlook.
  8. The situation of planets or stars with respect to one another, or the angle formed by the rays of light proceeding from them and meeting at the eye; the joint look of planets or stars upon each other or upon the earth.
  9. The influence of the stars for good or evil; as, an ill aspect.
  10. To behold; to look at.
  11. A view of a plane from a given direction, usually from above; more exactly, the manner of presentation of a plane to a fluid through which it is moving or to a current. If an immersed plane meets a current of fluid long side foremost, or in broadside aspect, it sustains more pressure than when placed short side foremost. Hence, long narrow wings are more effective than short broad ones of the same area.
  12. Visual or mental appearance; look; mien; air; outlook or prospect; appearance; view.
  13. Look: view: appearance: position in relation to the points of the compass: the situation of one planet with respect to another, as seen from the earth.
  14. Look; appearance; front.
  15. Appearance; mien; look; view; exposure; outlook.
  16. Look; view; appearance. Position as regards the points of the compass; the situation of one planet with respect to another.
  17. Look; appearance; position or situation; view.
  18. Look, appearance, point of view.