Definitions of joint

  1. ; jointly.
  2. The place where two or more things join; the point where two bones of the body are joined so as to allow motion; the part included between two joints or two knots; as, a joint in a grass stem; hinge; a large piece of meat cut for roasting.
  3. Produced by the action of two or more; united in or sharing.
  4. To form with, or unite by, joints; cut or divide into joints, as meat.
  5. A joining: the place where two or more things join: a knot: a hinge: a seam: the place where two bones are joined: ( cook.) the part of the limb of an animal cut off at the joint.
  6. Joined, united, or combined: shared among more than one.
  7. To unite by joints: to fit closely: to provide with joints: to cut into joints. as an animal.
  8. To fit like joints.
  9. Combined; shared by two or more.
  10. Place where two things are united; movable connection of two bones; hinge.
  11. To unite by a joint.
  12. To form with or unite by joints.
  13. Combined; shared; joined.
  14. A junction, as of two movable bones; place of union; hinge.
  15. A piece of meat, as for roasting.
  16. Shared by two or more; united in the same profession or interest; united; combined; acting in concert.
  17. The part where two or more things join; a joining; a knot; an internode; a juncture of parts which admit of motion; a hinge; the joining of two or more bones; an articulation, as the elbow; one of the limbs of an animal cut up by the butcher; a fissure dividing rock masses into blocks.
  18. To form with joints or articulations; to unite by joints; to cut or divide into joints and quarters; to smooth the edges of boards, so that they may fit close to each other; to fit closely. Out of joint, dislocated. Joint and several, each both independently and jointly. Joint- actions, the joining of several wrongs in one writ.
  19. The part where two or more things or divisions join; a hinge; the limb of an animal prepared by the but cher, as a joint of mutton.
  20. Shared by two or more; having an interest in the same thing; united; acting in concert.
  21. To separate into joints, as meat; to form with joints, or in articulations; to fit perfectly.