Definitions of presentation

  1. a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view; " the presentation of new data"; " he gave the customer a demonstration"
  2. a visual representation of something
  3. the activity of formally presenting something ( as a prize or reward); " she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"
  4. ( obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal; " Cesarean sections are sometimes the result of abnormal presentations"
  5. the act of presenting a proposal
  6. The act of presenting, or the state of being presented; a setting forth; an offering; bestowal.
  7. exhibition; representation; display; appearance; semblance; show.
  8. That which is presented or given; a present; a gift, as, the picture was a presentation.
  9. The particular position of the child during labor relatively to the passage though which it is to be brought forth; -- specifically designated by the part which first appears at the mouth of the uterus; as, a breech presentation.
  10. The act of introducing, offering, or bringing to consideration; that which is introduced or offered.
  11. Act of presenting: a setting: representation.
  12. The act or manner of presenting.
  13. Previous notion or idea.
  14. The act of presenting; representation; the act or right of presenting to a church living; a gift. Presentation copy, a copy of a work presented as a testimony of respect.
  15. Act of presenting; exhibition; right or act of presenting, as to a benefice or school.
  16. Presented, as a copy of a book by the author in testimony of respect or esteem.

Usage examples for presentation

  1. We soon met the Boulogne visitors, and assembled together at the Group's headquarters for official presentation. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  2. The writer was selected to make the presentation speech, as he had known him from his childhood. – Thirty Years in the Itinerancy by Wesson Gage Miller
  3. It is a very attractive piece of romantic fiction relying for its effect upon character rather than incident, and upon vivid dramatic presentation. – Barbara Ladd by Charles G. D. Roberts
  4. In regard to the former, the presentation of a scene which occurred a few weeks previous will explain all. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  5. After the presentation of the Great Southern case our Bill was heard and all the opposition. – Fifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland by Joseph Tatlow
  6. But what heated me most, I think, was the presence of the Crown Prince, who, on my presentation, looked at me as though he had never seen me before. – Cumner & South Sea Folk, Complete by Gilbert Parker
  7. But the clear presentation of mental images is not all there is to description. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  8. For it has everything- a sufficient scheme, a definite meaning and purpose, a sustained and adequate command of poetical presentation, and passages and phrases of the most exquisite beauty. – Matthew Arnold by George Saintsbury
  9. He was forced to concentrate his thoughts on what he was saying to the exclusion of anxieties and fears, and shortly his chief concern was the clear presentation of his narrative. – The Monk of Hambleton by Armstrong Livingston
  10. Upon the presentation of an order he will simply go away, or retire. – History-of-the-Impeachment-of-Andrew-Johnson-President-of-the-United-States-by-the-House-of-Representatives-and-his-trial-by-the-Senate-for-high-crimes-and-misdemeanors-in-office-1868 by Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson)
  11. Paul Jones' response to the gift was as graceful as had been the presentation. – How the Flag Became Old Glory by Emma Look Scott
  12. Some Books Worth While " Some men borrow books; some men steal books; and others beg presentation copies from the author"- Her Majesty the King. – A Beautiful Alien by Julia Magruder
  13. If he had known what was good for him he would have been clever enough to ignore the practical presentation of his case made half an hour or so earlier. – T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  14. The presentation had been a tremendous surprise. – Mortmain by Arthur Cheny Train
  15. It was on my birthday," glowed mother, " that the presentation was to be made! – Fairy Prince and Other Stories by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott