Definitions of current

  1. occurring in or belonging to the present time; " current events"; " the current topic"; " current negotiations"; " current psychoanalytic theories"; " the ship's current position"
  2. a steady flow ( usually from natural causes); " the raft floated downstream on the current"; " he felt a stream of air"
  3. dominant course ( suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas; " two streams of development run through American history"; " stream of consciousness"; " the flow of thought"; " the current of history"
  4. a flow of electricity through a conductor; " the current was measured in amperes"
  5. Running or moving rapidly.
  6. Now passing, as time; as, the current month.
  7. Passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating through the community; generally received; common; as, a current coin; a current report; current history.
  8. Commonly estimated or acknowledged.
  9. Fitted for general acceptance or circulation; authentic; passable.
  10. A flowing or passing; onward motion. Hence: A body of fluid moving continuously in a certain direction; a stream; esp., the swiftest part of it; as, a current of water or of air; that which resembles a stream in motion; as, a current of electricity.
  11. General course; ordinary procedure; progressive and connected movement; as, the current of time, of events, of opinion, etc.
  12. Widely circulated; passing from hand to hand; now passing, as time; generally accepted; common; as, the current opinion.
  13. A flow or passing; said of fluids; body of air or water flowing in a certain direction; a movement of electricity, or the rate of such movement.
  14. Currently.
  15. A stream or flow of fluid, air, or electricity.
  16. Running or flowing: passing from person to person: generally received: now passing: present.
  17. A running or flowing: a stream: a portion of water or air moving in a certain direction: course.
  18. A stream; general course.
  19. Circulating; generally received; passing.
  20. Circulating freely; generally accepted.
  21. In actual progress; present.
  22. A movement as of a stream; a fluid thus flowing; any connected onward movement; course.
  23. Currentness.
  24. Flowing or running; general; popular; generally received; that will pass as genuine; in circulation: now passing.
  25. A running stream; progressive motion or movement; general drift; a connected series; the passage of the electric fluid from one pole of an apparatus to the other. Atmospheric currents, the disturbances of the atmospheric mass, from regular or accidental causes, which constitute winds.
  26. Passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating; common; general; generally received; passable; now passing.
  27. A flowing or passing; a stream; course; continuation; general course or tendency.

Quotes of current

  1. I'm not much into current electronic stuff, what I think of as lounge electronics, mumbling electronics. – Derek Bailey
  2. The current health crisis, however, is a little more the work of the evil empire. We were told, we were assured, that the more meat and dairy and poultry we ate, the healthier we'd be. – Mark Bittman
  3. Any bull market covers a multitude of sins, so there may be all sorts of problems with the current system that we won't see until the bear market comes. – Ron Chernow
  4. It really is no different in the way that we make records and shoot music videos. I don't think of the movie as being a great leap out of my current profession. – Wayne Coyne
  5. My current mantra is that sometimes we need teachers in our lives. I never had that in my life, parents and stuff like that; I tried to stay on the outside of them or anybody that had that kind of influence. – Taylor Dayne
  6. What I object to the current government intervention in so -called 'solving the crisis', they haven't solved anything. They've just postponed it. – Marc Faber
  7. My district includes the two urban centers of Charlotte and Fayetteville, as well as large rural areas. Obviously, these diverse segments of North Carolina require different approaches to meeting current and future transportation demands. – Robin Hayes
  8. When a decision is made to go to war based on intelligence, it is a fateful decision. It has ramifications and impacts way beyond the current months and years. – Carl Levin
  9. I don't see America as a mainland, but as a sea, a big ocean. Sometimes a storm arises, a formidable current develops, and it seems it will engulf everything. Wait a moment, another current will appear and bring the first one to naught. – Jacques Maritain
  10. The wonderful thing about television is the immediate impact of pictures of current events. – Will McDonough
  11. If my career continues along its current arc, people will probably look at me and see a writer who is obsessed with the relationship between rich and poor and with how the rich somehow or other always manage to betray the poor, even when they don't mean to. – Richard Russo
  12. I believe that with the help of foreign countries- and under that condition only, because they have no other source of financing- the new government may temporarily extricate Georgia from the current situation. – Eduard Shevardnadze
  13. I do have concerns about the current efforts to restructure our nation's intelligence community. – Ted Stevens
  14. Embryonic stem cell research is legal in America, and nothing in the administration's current policy affects that legality; 400 lines are currently being used to conduct embryonic stem cell research, both in the private sector and by the Federal Government. – Roger Wicker
  15. The current stage does not allow the entrance of everyone into a military conflict, however everyone must be ready for the day in which it might take place, as the Zionist enemy is planning to attack our people and to control our land once again. – Ahmed Yassin

Usage examples for current

  1. When this request was again repeated early in the current year, I resolved at least to keep my promise. – Taken Alive by E. P. Roe
  2. The current of his thoughts seemed to change, and he said: 'You could show me those letters you spoke of- of my son's writing? – The Nether World by George Gissing
  3. The tide was running in with a swift current and the broad river was nearly at the full; the strong September sun fell upon the water, which was broken into little waves under a fresh breeze meeting the current from the north- west. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant
  4. It remains for us to tell what this great current is, and what it does. – New and Original Theories of the Great Physical Forces by Henry Raymond Rogers
  5. A strong under current made swimming difficult and dangerous. – A Soldier in the Philippines by Needom N. Freeman
  6. Writing is such a curious thing- it seems to represent anything in the world except the current of a man's thoughts. – Father Payne by Arthur Christopher Benson
  7. After that he got friendly and said you'd asked him to fill me in on current plasmoid theory." – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  8. But his search had no result, and we had to fall back into the current from west to east. – An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
  9. A story was current among the Whigs that the King said, " You had better be frank with me, Mr. Ayloffe. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  10. This man of the Little People could not again turn on that current without going outside. – Tarrano the Conqueror by Raymond King Cummings
  11. Another reach of rapid current was to be crossed, before they could safely trust themselves to enter the water. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  12. A few yards off, the current splashed against the stones. – Northwest! by Harold Bindloss
  13. It was obvious that the current administration could never win another election. – Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey
  14. We could not know, except that for the eight days the current pushed us towards the south, and the wind also. – An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
  15. Advantage was taken of this, and they succeeded in getting about a quarter of a mile away, but the current was so narrow they soon lost it. – The Life of Captain James Cook by Arthur Kitson
  16. They can go in the current they can do what they like with their money, but I mean with themselves. – That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009
  17. The current had caught the Bradleys and it carried them on. – Undertow by Kathleen Norris
  18. It was out of the current of the modern temper in science and philosophy generally. – Modern Religious Cults and Movements by Gaius Glenn Atkins
  19. There was no breeze, and no current of air except that caused by their rapid passage through the atmosphere. – The Land of the Changing Sun by William N. Harben
  20. We pulled hard against a head wind all morning, and with not much help from the current – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman

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