Definitions of effective

  1. ( military) equipped and ready for service; " the fort was held by about 100 effective soldiers"
  2. existing in fact; not theoretical; real; " a decline in the effective demand"; " confused increased equipment and expenditure with the quantity of effective work done"
  3. able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively; " people who will do nothing unless they get something out of it for themselves are often highly effective persons..."- G. B. Shaw; " effective personnel"; " an efficient secretary"; " the efficient cause of the revolution"
  4. exerting force or influence; " the law is effective immediately"; " a warranty good for two years"; " the law is already in effect ( or in force)"
  5. producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect; " an air- cooled motor was more effective than a witch's broomstick for rapid long- distance transportation"- LewisMumford; " effective teaching methods"; " effective steps toward peace"; " made an effective entrance"; " his complaint proved to be effectual in bringing action"; " an efficacious law"
  6. works well as a means or remedy; " an effective reprimand"; " a lotion that is effective in cases of prickly heat"
  7. equipped and ready for service; " the fort was held by about 100 effective soldiers"
  8. Having the power to produce an effect or effects; producing a decided or decisive effect; efficient; serviceable; operative; as, an effective force, remedy, speech; the effective men in a regiment.
  9. That which produces a given effect; a cause.
  10. One who is capable of active service.
  11. The serviceable soldiers in a country; an army or any military body, collectively; as, France's effective.
  12. Effectively.
  13. Specie or coin, as distinguished from paper currency; - a term used in many parts of Europe.
  14. Having the power to produce a result; efficient; powerful; impressive; striking.
  15. Effectiveness.
  16. Having power to effect: causing something: powerful: serviceable.
  17. Causing something; serviceable.
  18. Producing effect; efficient.
  19. Having the power to effect; operative, or having the quality of producing effects; causing to be; efficient; fit for action.
  20. Having power to effect; producing effect; active; serviceable; operative.

Usage examples for effective

  1. The superintendent had an idea that they might be more effective than a search warrant. – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  2. It is true that, in war, the armed forces of the enemy, until they can no longer offer effective resistance, prevent the full attainment of the objective of the State. – Sound Military Decision by U.s. Naval War College
  3. So it continued for nearly one hour and a half, during which time the roll was being called, and a more effective scene I never witnessed. – Pius IX. And His Time by The Rev. Æneas MacDonell Dawson
  4. It's effective for an extraordinary distance." – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  5. There will be an increasing getting together for more effective action. – Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation by S. D. Gordon
  6. But this is effective only when each pin is in working contact with the dog. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  7. A single application will be effective for a considerable time. – Pratt's Practical Pointers on the Care of Livestock and Poultry by Pratt Food Co.
  8. The latter possessed the hearts of the people and the confidence of the army, without which it was utterly impossible to undertake anything effective – The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete by Frederich Schiller
  9. Any method, provided it is effective – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  10. When Mrs. Young and I began our work together the question was frequently asked why women alone were working for effective voting? – An Autobiography by Catherine Helen Spence
  11. If ladies will give some attention to the make or cut and style of their dresses, the most simple materials will look exceedingly effective – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge
  12. In 1846 he patented an effective binding pin" for fastening loose sheets, which might have been a financial success if it had been properly pushed. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  13. If this single thing alone appealed to his attention, the effort would be pleasing and effective – Increasing-Human-Efficiency-in-Business-a-contribution-to-the-psychology-of-business by Scott, Walter Dill
  14. You will notice that I say Republican party, for when the Colored vote was most effective it was organized by the Republican party. – The Negro and the elective franchise. A Series Of Papers And A Sermon (The American Negro Academy. Occasional Papers, No. 11.) by Archibald H. Grimké, Charles C. Cook, John Hope, John L. Love, Kelly Miller, and Rev. Frank J. Grimké
  15. It is the least effective part that you can touch a boy upon. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat
  16. They may be more generally effective because of their greater influence. – The History of the Negro Church by Carter Godwin Woodson
  17. Still less could we send from our own shores any force for the effective aid of Prussia. – The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) by John Holland Rose
  18. " And will make you much more really useful and effective than ever you could have been alone," said Ermine. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge