Definitions of exposure

  1. the act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience; " she denounced the exposure of children to pornography"
  2. abandoning without shelter or protection ( as by leaving as infant out in the open)
  3. presentation to view in an open or public manner; " the exposure of his anger was shocking"
  4. the act of exposing film to light
  5. aspect re light or wind; " the studio had a northern exposure"
  6. the disclosure of something secret; " they feared exposure of their campaign plans"
  7. the intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate; " he used the wrong exposure"
  8. vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain; " exposure to the weather" or " they died from exposure";
  9. The act of exposing or laying open, setting forth, laying bare of protection, depriving of care or concealment, or setting out to reprobation or contempt.
  10. The state of being exposed or laid open or bare; openness to danger; accessibility to anything that may affect, especially detrimentally; as, exposure to observation, to cold, to inconvenience.
  11. Position as to points of compass, or to influences of climate, etc.
  12. The exposing of a sensitized plate to the action of light.
  13. The act of revealing, as a crime; the state of being open or subject to attack; situation; aspect.
  14. Act of exposing or laying open or bare: state of being laid open or bare: openness to danger: position with regard to the sun, influence of climate, etc.
  15. Act of exposing; state of being exposed; disclosure; position with reference to sun, winds, & c.
  16. The act of exposing; an exposed state or situation.
  17. Outlook or aspect.
  18. The action of exposing; the state of being exposed to view, danger, & c.; the situation of a place in regard to the points of the compass, or to a free access of air and light.
  19. The state of being laid open to danger or inconvenience; situation of a place in regard to the points of the compass, or to sun and air; the laying open the character or conduct of any one; the act of exposing anything.