Definitions of lash

  1. To ply the whip; to attack severely. To lash out, to be extravagant or unruly.
  2. To whip; tie with a lashing; satirize.
  3. To strike forcibly and quickly, as with a lash; to beat, or beat upon, with a motion like that of a lash; as, a whale lashes the sea with his tail.
  4. To throw out with a jerk or quickly.
  5. To scold; to berate; to satirize; to censure with severity; as, to lash vice.
  6. To strike or scourge with a whip; whip; blame very severely; bind with a cord or rope; as, the sailors lashed him to the mast; to beat violently to and fro; as, the wind lashed the sails.
  7. To strike with a lash: to whip: to dash against: to fasten or secure with a rope or cord: to censure severely: to scourge with sarcasm or satire.
  8. To strike with a lash; satirize or denounce; fasten with a cord.
  9. To strike with a lash ; to whip or scourge with a lash, or with something like one.
  10. To ply the whip; to strike; to utter censure or sarcastic language.
  11. To apply the whip; flog; to rush, pour, or beat.
  12. To use the whip: to attack severely.
  13. lash about; flick sharply, as of animals' tails
  14. strike as if by whipping; " The curtain whipped her face"
  15. To strike with a lash or anything pliant; to whip; to throw up with a sudden jerk; to dash against; to tie or bind with a rope or cord; to scourge with censure, satire, or sarcasm.
  16. To strike with a sounding blow, as when a whale lashes the sea with its tail, or a lion his flanks; to strike with a whip or scourge; to dash against with sudden jerks; to dash or beat against, as waves; to censure with severity.
  17. To bind or fasten anything to the ship's sides; to secure or bind with a rope or cord to something else.
  18. any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids
  19. lash or flick about sharply; " The lion lashed its tail"
  20. The thong or braided cord of a whip, with which the blow is given.
  21. A leash in which an animal is caught or held; hence, a snare.
  22. A stroke with a whip, or anything pliant and tough; as, the culprit received thirty- nine lashes.
  23. A stroke of satire or sarcasm; an expression or retort that cuts or gives pain; a cut.
  24. A hair growing from the edge of the eyelid; an eyelash.
  25. In carpet weaving, a group of strings for lifting simultaneously certain yarns, to form the figure.
  26. To bind with a rope, cord, thong, or chain, so as to fasten; as, to lash something to a spar; to lash a pack on a horse's back.
  27. The thong of a whip; a stroke with a whip or anything used like a whip; sarcasm; one of the little hairs on the edge of an eyelid.
  28. A thong or cord: the flexible part of a whip: a stroke with a whip or anything pliant: a stroke of satire, a sharp retort.
  29. Thong of a whip; stroke with anything pliant.
  30. A thong on a whip handle; a whip; stroke with a whip.
  31. A stroke of sarcasm.
  32. A thong; the thong of a whip; a stroke with a whip or anything pliant; a stroke of satire; a sarcasm or retort that ents or gives pain.
  33. A stroke, as with a whip; an expression or retort which gives pain; the thong or flexible part of a whip.