Definitions of stroke

  1. The act of making a blow, or the blow made; as, the stroke of a hammer; a powerful or sudden action suggesting a blow; as, a strock of lightning; a strong effort to bring about a result, or the result brought about; as, a stroke of business; a gently moving touch; as, a soft stroke of the hand; a movement with an instrument, as a pencil or pen, or the mark made; sound of a clock in marking the time; one of a series of movements, as the sweep of an oar; the oarsman in a boat who sets the time to the rowers.
  2. To rub gently with the hand; as, to stroke a cat.
  3. A blow: a sudden attack: calamity: the sound of a clock: a dash in writing: the sweep of an oar in rowing: the movement of the piston of a steam- engine: the touch of a pen or pencil: a masterly effort.
  4. To rub gently in one direction: to rub gently in kindness.
  5. A blow; sudden attack; calamity; dash; touch; effort.
  6. Rower nearest the stern.
  7. To rub gently.
  8. To pass the hand over gently.
  9. A light caressing movement; a stroking.
  10. The act or movement of striking; a blow; recurrent movement, as of oars or a piston.
  11. A disaster; attack of disease.
  12. A feat; coup.
  13. A blow; the striking of one body against another; a hostile blow or attack; a sudden attack of disease or affliction; calamity; the sound of a clock; the touch of a pencil; a touch; a masterly effort; an effort suddenly or unexpectedly produced; series of operations; a dash in writing or printing; a line; the sweep of an oar.
  14. To rub gently with the hand by way of expressing kindness; to soothe; to rub gently in one direction; to make smooth.
  15. A blow; any sudden or fatal attack, as of disease; a touch; a dash; a masterly effort; the touch of a pencil; the sweep of an oar; the upward and downward motion of the piston of a steam- engine.
  16. To rub gently in one direction; to graze or touch lightly; to soothe; to smooth.