Definitions of tie

  1. a social or business relationship; " a valuable financial affiliation"; " he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team"; " many close associations with England"
  2. create social or emotional ties; " The grandparents want to bond with the child"
  3. connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces; " Can you connect the two loudspeakers?"; " Tie the ropes together"; " Link arms"
  4. the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided; " the game ended in a draw"; " their record was 3 wins, 6 losses and a tie"
  5. a fastener that serves to join or link; " the walls are held together with metal links placed in the wet mortar during construction"
  6. perform a marriage ceremony; " The minister married us on Saturday"; " We were wed the following week"; " The couple got spliced on Hawaii"
  7. neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn ( mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front; " he stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie"; " he wore a vest and tie"
  8. a cord ( or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied; " he needed a tie for the packages"
  9. a horizontal beam used to prevent two other structural members from spreading apart or separating; " he nailed the rafters together with a tie beam"
  10. ( music) a slur over two notes of the same pitch; indicates that the note is to be sustained for their combined time value
  11. equality of score in a contest
  12. limit or restrict to; " I am tied to UNIX"; " These big jets are tied to large airports"
  13. make by tying pieces together; " The fishermen tied their flies"
  14. form a knot or bow in; " tie a necktie"
  15. finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc.; " The teams drew a tie"
  16. fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord; " They tied their victim to the chair"
  17. unite musical notes by a tie
  18. A knot; a fastening.
  19. A knot of hair, as at the back of a wig.
  20. An equality in numbers, as of votes, scores, etc., which prevents either party from being victorious; equality in any contest, as a race.
  21. A beam or rod for holding two parts together; in railways, one of the transverse timbers which support the track and keep it in place.
  22. A line, usually straight, drawn across the stems of notes, or a curved line written over or under the notes, signifying that they are to be slurred, or closely united in the performance, or that two notes of the same pitch are to be sounded as one; a bind; a ligature.
  23. Low shoes fastened with lacings.
  24. To fasten with a band or cord and knot; to bind.
  25. To form, as a knot, by interlacing or complicating a cord; also, to interlace, or form a knot in; as, to tie a cord to a tree; to knit; to knot.
  26. To hold or constrain by authority or moral influence, as by knotted cords; to oblige; to constrain; to restrain; to confine.
  27. To unite, as notes, by a cross line, or by a curved line, or slur, drawn over or under them.
  28. To make an equal score with, in a contest; to be even with.
  29. To make a tie; to make an equal score.
  30. A knot or fastening; a knot of ribbon, silk, etc., used as a finish to the dress; a plank or rod for holding two parts together, as a railroad tie; equality in number of votes in an election, etc.; a bond; as, ties of blood; in music, a curved line joining two notes of the same pitch, indicating that the note is to be sounded once, but held the length of both.
  31. To fasten by a knot; draw together to form a knot; make ( a knot) by drawing something together; bind; to knot a cord, etc., around; restrict; as, tied down by cares; unite firmly; in music, to unite, as notes; to make an equal score with, in a contest.
  32. To make a knot, equal score, etc.
  33. Tied.
  34. Tying.
  35. To bind: to fasten with a cord: to unite: to constrain: ( music) to unite notes with a tie:- pr. p. tying; pa. t and pa. p. tied.
  36. A knot: a bond: an equality in numbers, as of votes, or of " points" in a game: ( music) a curved line drawn over two or more notes on the same degree of the stave, signifying that the second note is not to be sounded separately, but is to sustain the first.
  37. A knot; bond; equality in numbers, as of votes.
  38. To fasten with a cord; fasten in a knot; bind; unite.
  39. To fasten, as a cord; bind; lash; fasten; attach.
  40. To form a knot in.
  41. To restrain; confine.
  42. To balance, as opposing votes.
  43. A flexible fastening, as of cord.
  44. Exact equality for and against, as in a vote.
  45. A curved line placed over or under two notes of the same pitch, to make them represent one tone length.
  46. Rail- road. A wooden beam set crosswise to support rails; sleeper.
  47. A knot; fastening; bond; something which ties, or is used to tie; obligation; a knot of hair; an equality in numbers, as of votes, scores, & c.; a piece of timber or metal for binding two bodies together; a character to connect syncopated notes, also a thick line which unites the tails of notes, and distinguishes quavers, semiquavers, & c., from crotchets.
  48. To bind; to fasten with a band or cord and knot; to make fast; to knit; to complicate; to confine; to unite notes, as by a curve line drawn over them.
  49. A bond; an obligation, moral or legal; as, the sacred ties of friendship or of duty; the ties of allegiance.
  50. To fasten or bind, as with a cord; to make fast; to unite so as not to be easily parted; to constrain; to confine; to unite.
  51. A fastening; a knot; obligation arising from relationship or friendship; a piece of timber or metal used to bind together two bodies having a tendency to diverge; in music, a curved line written over or under notes, either rising or falling on the stave, or both, to indicate that they are to be slurred or sung to the same syllable without its repetition; an equality in numbers, as in votes, and so hindering either party from being victorious; a knot of hair; a sort of neck- cloth.

Usage examples for tie

  1. When cold, tie them up with brandy paper. – Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry Cakes, and Sweetmeats by Miss Leslie
  2. " Have you anything to tie her with? – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  3. And I sez, " There is time enough; I shouldn't think it would take you more than two hours to wash your hands and change your neck- tie." – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  4. I'm fond of this tie. – Dr. Adriaan by Louis Couperus
  5. Oh, don't tie me down! – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  6. Alice is the kind you can tie to. – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  7. " We'll wash the wound and tie it up," said Jack. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore
  8. Tie them up again. – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard
  9. They had only wanted an excuse to tie up to it so they could do what had just been done. – Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet by Harold Leland Goodwin
  10. Let us put the bell on the string and tie the string around the cat's neck. – Fifty Fabulous Fables by Lida Brown McMurry
  11. Whenever the horses were given any water, we had to tie the camels up at some distance. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  12. Pulling his tie from his collar, he caught her earnest reflection in the full- length closet mirror. – Undo-a-Novel-By-Joe-Hutsko by Hutsko, Joe
  13. I'll tie them up. – Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby and Other Stories by Kathleen Norris
  14. Elinor promised for Bruce and after a little chat Patricia left, feeling that she was making quite a concession to the family tie. – Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge by Pemberton Ginther
  15. For the pleasant man found a piece of rope and tried to tie it about Spot's neck. – The Tale of Old Dog Spot by Arthur Scott Bailey
  16. She let us in when we got to their house, and that kind of made a tie between us. – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  17. I'll tie him, an' you call Plums to go for a perliceman. – The Princess and Joe Potter by James Otis
  18. And " Catch 'im and tie 'im down!" – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower