Definitions of vice

  1. To hold or squeeze with a vice, or as if with a vice.
  2. In the place of; in the stead; as, A. B. was appointed postmaster vice C. D. resigned.
  3. Denoting one who in certain cases may assume the office or duties of a superior; designating an officer or an office that is second in rank or authority; as, vice president; vice agent; vice consul, etc.
  4. Instead of; in the place of.
  5. Substitute; subordinate; sub-; second.
  6. Denoting one who acts in place of another; denoting one who is second in authority, but holding the same title; denoting the office itself, as vice- admiral, vice- chancellor, vice- president, & c.
  7. A moral fault or failing; especially, immoral conduct or habit, as in the indulgence of degrading appetites; customary deviation in a single respect, or in general, from a right standard, implying a defect of natural character, or the result of training and habits; a harmful custom; immorality; depravity; wickedness; as, a life of vice; the vice of intemperance.
  8. The buffoon of the old English moralities, or moral dramas, having the name sometimes of one vice, sometimes of another, or of Vice itself; -- called also Iniquity.
  9. A kind of instrument for holding work, as in filing. Same as Vise.
  10. A tool for drawing lead into cames, or flat grooved rods, for casements.
  11. A gripe or grasp.
  12. The buffoon of the old English moralities, or moral dramas, having the name sometimes of one vice, sometimes of another, or of itself; - called also Iniquity.
  13. A fault, defect, or blemish; an immoral practice or habit; abandonment to evil; immorality; an instrument used to hold things firmly in two jaws tightened by a screw; also spelled vise.
  14. An iron or wooden screw press, fixed to the edge of a workboard, for holding anything tightly while being filed, etc.
  15. A blemish or fault: immoral conduct: depravity of manners: a bad trick or habit in a horse.
  16. A fault; immoral act immorality.
  17. Clamp with two jaws, closing by a screw.
  18. Depravity; gross immorality.
  19. A bad trick, as of a horse.
  20. Same as VISE.
  21. A defect, fault, blemish, or imperfection; any voluntary action or course of conduct which deviates from the rules of moral rectitude; depravity of manners; a fault or bad trick in a horse.
  22. An iron or wooden press with a screw, for holding articles fast when filed, & c.
  23. Used as a separate word before a proper name, and means in the place of, as B vice C resigned- that is, B in the place of C, who has resigned.
  24. A small iron or wooden press tightened by a screw, used for holding fast an object on which a person is at work, as in the process of filing, & c.
  25. A blemish; an imperfection; depravity or corruption of conduct; the opposite of virtue; a fault or bad trick in horses.
  26. Entitled to fill an office in the absence of its holder; as, vice president; denoting the office of one so entitled; second in rank; as, vice admiral.
  27. A Latin prefix signifying second in rank, or acting in the place of.