Definitions of freeze

  1. To be congealed into ice by cold; to be of that degree of cold at which water congeals; to be chilled.
  2. To congeal; to harden into ice; to convert from a fluid to a solid form by cold, or abstraction of heat.
  3. To cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat; to give the sensation of cold to; to chill.
  4. To congeal or harden with cold; kill by cold.
  5. To harden into ice: to cause to shiver, as with terror:- pr. p. freezing; pa. t. froze; pa. p. frozen.
  6. To harden into ice; make rigid with affright.
  7. To become congealed by cold; to be changed from a liquid to a solid state by the abstraction of heat; to be hardened into ice or a like solid body.
  8. To become chilled with cold, or as with cold; to suffer loss of animation or life by lack of heat; as, the blood freezes in the veins.
  9. To be congealed or hardened with cold; be at or below the temperature of 32° Fahrenheit.
  10. To become ice or like a solid body.
  11. To congeal with cold; perish by cold.
  12. suddenly behave coldly and formally; " She froze when she saw her ex- husband"
  13. anesthetize by cold, as for certain surgical procedures
  14. be cold; " I could freeze to death in this office when the air conditioning is turned on"
  15. prohibit the conversion or use of ( assets); " Blocked funds"; " Freeze the assets of this hostile government"
  16. cause to freeze; " Freeze the leftover food"
  17. stop moving or become immobilized; " When he saw the police car he froze"
  18. change from a liquid to a solid when cold; " Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit"
  19. To congeal or harden into ice; to chill.
  20. To congeal; to harden into ice; to chill; to shiver with cold; to become chilled with cold; to kill with cold.
  21. Freezing.
  22. weather cold enough to cause freezing
  23. anesthetize by cold
  24. change to ice; " The water in the bowl froze"
  25. A frieze.
  26. The act of congealing, or the state of being congealed.
  27. Froze.