Definitions of blood

  1. To bleed.
  2. To stain, smear or wet, with blood.
  3. To give ( hounds or soldiers) a first taste or sight of blood, as in hunting or war.
  4. To heat the blood of; to exasperate.
  5. To bleed by opening a vein, to stain with blood; to inure to blood, as a hound; to exasperate.
  6. To stain with blood; to give a taste of blood, or to provoke the desire for it; to heat or exasperate.
  7. the descendants of one individual; " his entire lineage has been warriors"
  8. temperament or disposition; " a person of hot blood"
  9. the fluid ( red in vertebrates) that is pumped by the heart; " blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries waste products away"; " the ancients believed that blood was the seat of the emotions"
  10. people viewed as members of a group; " we need more young blood in this organization"
  11. The fluid which circulates in the principal vascular system of animals, carrying nourishment to all parts of the body, and bringing away waste products to be excreted. See under Arterial.
  12. Relationship by descent from a common ancestor; consanguinity; kinship.
  13. Descent; lineage; especially, honorable birth; the highest royal lineage.
  14. Descent from parents of recognized breed; excellence or purity of breed.
  15. The fleshy nature of man.
  16. The shedding of blood; the taking of life, murder; manslaughter; destruction.
  17. A bloodthirsty or murderous disposition.
  18. A man of fire or spirit; a fiery spark; a gay, showy man; a rake.
  19. The juice of anything, especially if red.
  20. Temper of mind; disposition; state of the passions; - as if the blood were the seat of emotions.
  21. The red fluid which circulates in the heart, arteries, and veins of an animal; sometimes, the juice of anything, especially if red; kinship; relationship; descent; lineage; as, a prince of royal blood; a man of fire and spirit; a rake; as, a young blood; temper; as, a murder in cold blood; slaughter or murder.
  22. The red fluid in the arteries and veins of men and animals: kindred, descent: temperament: bloodshed or murder: the juice of anything, esp. if red. - IN NOT OR COLD BLOOD, under, or free from, excitement or sudden passion. - HALF- BLOOD relationship through one parent only.
  23. The fluid in the veins; consanguinity; bloodshed; passion.
  24. The fluid that circulates in the heart, arteries, and veins.
  25. Kinship by descent; lineage; nobility.
  26. Passion; bloodshed.
  27. The vital fluid which circulates through the arteries and veins of animals; offspring; connexion by descent; honourable or high birth; the royal family; slaughter; murder; carnal part opposed to spiritual; temper; passion; a man of a fiery spirit; a rake, or dissipated character; being of pure descent; the juice of anything, especially if red.
  28. The fluid circulating in the vascular system of animals, distributing food material and oxygen and collecting waste products.
  29. Like blood; of good breed. Whole blood, connexion through both parents. Half blood, connexion through one parent only. Flesh and blood, man, especially as he is.