Usage examples for perish

  1. For instance, Were all the men that perish together in a battle, born at the same moment, because they had the same fate? – The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism by Franz Cumont
  2. If he broke his oath, he wished that he might " become as yellow as gold, and perish by his own arms." – The Story of Russia by R. Van Bergen
  3. Or we perish in the sea!" – The Eternal Maiden by T. Everett Harré
  4. All the men and animals on the river at such times must perish. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  5. And am I thus to perish? – Persian Literature, Volume 1,Comprising The Shah Nameh, The Rubaiyat, The Divan, and The Gulistan by Anonymous
  6. It will all perish, and thou with it. – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke
  7. You will perish if you try to climb Takhoma. – The Book of the National Parks by Robert Sterling Yard
  8. We know full well, moreover, that with Leyden, all Holland must perish also." – The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74 by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009
  9. And I'd sooner perish too; yes, die with a rope round my throat in the good old English fashion. – The Knave of Diamonds by Ethel May Dell
  10. He would win his lady- love or perish! – Ovington's Bank by Stanley J. Weyman
  11. So I should, sir, a few weeks ago, but Peter there, out of his Bible, showed me what a sinner I was, and how I must love Jesus Christ and obey Him, and I know He would not have left any man to perish, and so, sir, as long as you live- and I hope we shall escape from this rock- I will not leave you. – The History of Little Peter, the Ship Boy by W.H.G. Kingston
  12. Well, be it so,- let her perish, let her be anything but mine! – Paul Clifford, Volume 6. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  13. But the Alae cried out: " If you are the death of me- my secret will perish also- and you cannot have fire." – Legends of Ma-ui--a demi god of Polynesia, and of his mother Hina by W. D. Westervelt
  14. It was to tell you that if you do not draw off directly, not only the Earl of Mar and his family, but every Scottish prisoner within these walls, shall perish in your sight." – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  15. I have suffered by the one; I am about to perish by the other. – Paul Clifford, Volume 7. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  16. She was even ashamed to speak the thoughts that were in her mind, " Let them perish, then there will be more left for me." – Verotchka's Tales by Mamin Siberiak
  17. On their account we must all perish. – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  18. Human hearts forget and perish, Human eyes must fall asleep. – Poems and Ballads of Heinrich Heine by Heinrich Heine
  19. Give us, therefore, of the water, that we perish not. – Equality by Edward Bellamy