Usage examples for freezing

  1. Then Oswald spoke in a changed voice, in a tone freezing as ice: 'You are right; I have to apologize. – Fickle Fortune by Elisabeth Burstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
  2. If I can't come home without freezing to death, I don't come. – Other Main-Travelled Roads by Hamlin Garland
  3. " I notice too many trees, as well as shrubs and flowers, which could not live if we had frosts or freezing weather. – The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island by Roger Thompson Finlay
  4. But the snow lay thick upon the ground, and it was freezing hard. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  5. But presently: " P- P- Pierre, I'm f- freezing." – Riders of the Silences by Max Brand
  6. It was a warm summer's day; but Mrs. Woodchuck seemed to be freezing with cold. – The Tale of Billy Woodchuck by Arthur Scott Bailey
  7. That's true, Nick; do you know of any place where we could get an hour or two of sleep without freezing? – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  8. He died May 24th, 1650, from freezing, while out in the bay with his valet in a canoe. – Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast by Samuel Adams Drake
  9. Snow and ice, however, are formed as soon as the temperature falls below freezing point; it does not matter whether there be 1 or 20 degrees of cold. – The History of the European Fauna by R. F. Scharff
  10. Cold nights, though above freezing. – The Letters of William James, Vol. II by William James
  11. Then there will be no more freezing, for again the ice is at its melting point. – The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays by J. (John) Joly
  12. To save himself from death by freezing, he began walking slowly about, keeping to a restricted circle so that he should not wander farther from his anxious comrades. – True Tales of Arctic Heroism in the New World by Adolphus W. Greely
  13. He was forgetting his own remark of a minute ago that he was freezing and must get into some dry clothes at once. – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  14. I have had a narrow escape, thought Esther; a hut, a garret with him, the joy of freezing to death, of starving for bread! – Garrick's Pupil by Auguston Filon
  15. It's a fearful cold night and this open door is freezing the whole house. – Judith of the Godless Valley by Honoré Willsie
  16. Outside the temperature was below freezing; inside the patrol car it was a comfortable sixty- eight degrees. – Code Three by Rick Raphael
  17. He turned to look at Jasperson, who was shivering as though he were freezing. – The Star Lord by Boyd Ellanby
  18. In an instant the indignant blood surged in waves over Sadie's face; the hand was angrily withdrawn, and the graceful form drawn to an erect hight, and it is impossible to describe the freezing tone of astonished indignation in which she ejaculated, " Dr. Van Anden!" – Ester Ried by Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden)
  19. Rocks exposed to the sun may be too hot to lay the hand upon at the same time that it is freezing in the shade. – The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir by Sir James McCrone Douie