Definitions of enough

  1. an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose; " enough is as good as a feast"; " there is more than a sufficiency of lawyers in this country"
  2. A sufficiency; a quantity which satisfies desire, is adequate to the want, or is equal to the power or ability; as, he had enough to do take care of himself.
  3. A sufficiency.
  4. Sufficiency: as much as satisfies desire or want.
  5. A sufficiency; a quantity of a thing which satifies desire or want.
  6. A sufficiency; a quantity which satisfies desire.
  7. Stop.
  8. An exclamation denoting sufficiency.
  9. Fully; quite; - used to express slight augmentation of the positive degree, and sometimes equivalent to very; as, he is ready enough to embrace the offer.
  10. In a tolerable degree; - used to express mere acceptableness or acquiescence, and implying a degree or quantity rather less than is desired; as, the song was well enough.
  11. So as to be sufficient; very.
  12. In a quantity that satisfies desire or want; such a quantity or degree as commands acquiescence rather than full satisfaction.
  13. Sufficiently; fully; sometimes it denotes a slight increase or augmentation, as, he is ready enough to oblige; sometimes it expresses indifference or slight, as the music is well enough, that is, not so good as it ought to be; used as an exclamation, to denote fulness or satiety, as, enough.
  14. Satisfying desire; giving content; adequate to meet the want; sufficient; - usually, and more elegantly, following the noun to which it belongs.
  15. Sufficient: giving content: satisfying want.
  16. That suffices or gives content, or answers a purpose, or is adequate to a want.
  17. That gives content; that satisfies desire; sufficient.