Definitions of exquisite

  1. One who manifests an exquisite attention to external appearance; one who is overnice in dress or ornament; a fop; a dandy.
  2. Exquisiteness.
  3. A dainty person; fop.
  4. A dainty person; a fop; dandy.
  5. One who dresses finically.
  6. One nice or refined in dress; a fop; a dandy.
  7. Exquisitely.
  8. of extreme beauty; " her exquisite face"
  9. lavishly elegant and refined
  10. Carefully selected or sought out; hence, of distinguishing and surpassing quality; exceedingly nice; delightfully excellent; giving rare satisfaction; as, exquisite workmanship.
  11. Of delicate perception or close and accurate discrimination; not easy to satisfy; exact; nice; fastidious; as, exquisite judgment, taste, or discernment.
  12. Exceeding; extreme; keen; - used in a bad or a good sense; as, exquisite pain or pleasure.
  13. Refined; delicate; nice; accurate.
  14. Sought out or searched for with care; hence, choice; select; nice; exact; very excellent; complete; as, a vase of exquisite workmanship: nice; accurate; of keen or delicate perception; great discrimination; as, exquisite sensibility, taste, etc.; " A poet of the most unbounded invention and the most exquisite judgment."- Addison: being pleasurable or painful in the highest degree; exceeding; extreme; keen; poignant; as, a painful and exquisite impression on the nerves; " The pleasures of sense are probably relished by beasts in a more exquisite degree than they are by men."- Bp. Atterbury; " The most exquisite of human satisfactions flows from an approving conscience."- J. M. Mason: given to searching out; curious.
  15. Of rare quality; highly refined; dainty; extreme.
  16. Intense.
  17. Choice; select; delicate; highly finished or perfected; very excellent or complete; of keen delicacy of perception or discrimination; acutely pleasurable or painful; very sensibly felt.
  18. Perfect; complete; highly finished; capable of nice or delicate perception; very sensibly felt; nice; delicate; exact; extreme, as pain or pleasure.