Usage examples for refined

  1. She is a stiff, awkward village person, and I don't believe she's amiable or intelligent; and to let a graceful, refined, superior man like Mr. Kendricks throw away his time upon her would be wicked, simply wicked. – An Open-Eyed Conspiracy--An Idyl of Saratoga by William Dean Howells
  2. She knew that her child was finer than she was, prettier, more clever, more refined. – The Story Of Julia Page Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. by Kathleen Norris
  3. Two of these men are young; their features, refined and thoughtful, are those of students; all are as fun- loving as boys out of school. – A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees by Edwin Asa Dix
  4. There was no danger in any direction of coming upon anything that was not in keeping with the room of a refined and delicate young girl. – Letters to a Daughter and A Little Sermon to School Girls by Helen Ekin Starrett
  5. To every pound of fruit, allow two pounds of double- refined sugar, and one pint of water. – The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, by Mary Eaton
  6. She looked as Yankee as her blood, thin and delicate, with a refined face. – Judith of the Godless Valley by Honoré Willsie
  7. It is never entirely pure until refined. – Colorado--The Bright Romance of American History by F. C. Grable
  8. I said ain't, and I wasn't refined, and I'll only just be a disgrace to you. – Turn About Eleanor by Ethel M. Kelley
  9. No " bright- eyed bar- maids," however " refined," need apply. – The Quest of the Golden Girl by Richard le Gallienne
  10. He lived much among women, and his sufferings had refined him to a feminine delicacy. – Brief History of English and American Literature by Henry A. Beers
  11. Others had known and appreciated the comforts of refined life, yet they were happy and content amidst the horror and dirt of a common lodging- house! – London's Underworld by Thomas Holmes
  12. But one night, when he was thirty years old, he looked in at the window of a very refined and elegant mansion and saw a woman. – Love Conquers All by Robert C. Benchley
  13. Suffering had refined the boy's features. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  14. Miss Slade's apartment was precisely that of any other young lady of refined taste. – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  15. As she crept up the long stairs to her room, she asked herself if she could be the same girl who had poured tea at Mrs. Westley's, and talked to all those refined people, who seemed to admire her and make much of her, as if she were one of them. – The Coast of Bohemia by William Dean Howells