Definitions of choice

  1. Worthly of being chosen or preferred; select; superior; precious; valuable.
  2. Selected with care, and due attention to preference; deliberately chosen.
  3. Preserving or using with care, as valuable; frugal; - used with of; as, to be choice of time, or of money.
  4. Act of choosing; the voluntary act of selecting or separating from two or more things that which is preferred; the determination of the mind in preferring one thing to another; election.
  5. The power or opportunity of choosing; option.
  6. Care in selecting; judgment or skill in distinguishing what is to be preferred, and in giving a preference; discrimination.
  7. A sufficient number to choose among.
  8. The thing or person chosen; that which is approved and selected in preference to others; selection.
  9. The best part; that which is preferable.
  10. The act of choosing; the right of choosing; the thing or person chosen; the best or preferable part; a number large enough to choose from.
  11. Choiceness.
  12. Act or power of choosing: the thing chosen: preference: the preferable or best part.
  13. Act of choosing; thing chosen; preference.
  14. The act or privilege of choosing; preference; variety to choose from.
  15. One who or that which is chosen.
  16. The determination of the mind in preferring one thing to another; option; the thing chosen; election.
  17. Choicely.
  18. one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; " what option did I have?"; " there no other alternative"; " my only choice is to refuse"
  19. Select; carefully chosen; careful of; with of; uncommon.
  20. Worthy of being chosen: select.
  21. Select; rare.
  22. Select; excellent.
  23. Fastidious; dainty.
  24. Selected with care; select; of great value; careful.
  25. Select; precious; very good, or best; selecting with much care.