Definitions of invention

  1. the creation of something in the mind
  2. The act of finding out or inventing; contrivance or construction of that which has not before existed; as, the invention of logarithms; the invention of the art of printing.
  3. That which is invented; an original contrivance or construction; a device; as, this fable was the invention of Esop; that falsehood was her own invention.
  4. Thought; idea.
  5. The faculty of inventing; imaginative faculty; skill or ingenuity in contriving anything new; as, a man of invention.
  6. The exercise of the imagination in selecting and treating a theme, or more commonly in contriving the arrangement of a piece, or the method of presenting its parts.
  7. That which is invented: contrivance: a deceit: power or faculty of inventing: ability displayed by any invention or effort of the imagination.
  8. Act of inventing; anything invented; deceit; faculty of inventing.
  9. The act or process of inventing.
  10. That which is invented; a device; contrivance.
  11. Skill or ingenuity in contriving.
  12. The contrivance of that which did not before exist; contrivance; that which is invented; an original contrivance; fiction; fabrication; the power of imaginative conception; imaginative faculty or ability; discovery.
  13. The act or operation of finding out or contriving something new; the article invented; forgery; fiction; in the fine arts, a term employed to designate the conception or representation of a subject, and generally the whole means by which the artist seeks to portray his thoughts.