Definitions of stain

  1. an act that brings discredit to the person who does it; " he made a huge blot on his copybook"
  2. a symbol of disgrace or infamy; " And the Lord set a mark upon Cain"-- Genesis
  3. the state of being covered with unclean things
  4. a soiled or discolored appearance; " the wine left a dark stain"
  5. produce or leave stains; " Red wine stains the table cloth"
  6. a dye or other coloring material that is used in microscopy to make structures visible
  7. color for microscopic study; " The laboratory worker dyed the specimen"
  8. color with a liquid dye or tint; " Stain this table a beautiful walnut color"; " people knew how to stain glass a beautiful blue in the middle ages"
  9. ( microscopy) a dye or other coloring material that is used in microscopy to make structures visible
  10. make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically; " The silver was tarnished by the long exposure to the air"; " Her reputation was sullied after the affair with a married man"
  11. To discolor by the application of foreign matter; to make foul; to spot; as, to stain the hand with dye; armor stained with blood.
  12. To color, as wood, glass, paper, cloth, or the like, by processess affecting, chemically or otherwise, the material itself; to tinge with a color or colors combining with, or penetrating, the substance; to dye; as, to stain wood with acids, colored washes, paint rubbed in, etc.; to stain glass.
  13. To spot with guilt or infamy; to bring reproach on; to blot; to soil; to tarnish.
  14. To give or receive a stain; to grow dim.
  15. A discoloration by foreign matter; a spot; as, a stain on a garment or cloth.
  16. A natural spot of a color different from the gound.
  17. Taint of guilt; tarnish; disgrace; reproach.
  18. Cause of reproach; shame.
  19. A tincture; a tinge.
  20. A discoloration; spot or blot; a dye; taint of guilt or crime; cause of reproach.
  21. To blot; spot; mark with color; to dye; soil with guilt or crime.
  22. To take or make a stain.
  23. To tinge or color: to give a different color to: to dye: to mark with guilt or infamy: to bring reproach on: to sully: to tarnish.
  24. A discoloration: a spot: taint of guilt: cause of reproach: shame.
  25. Spot of color; color; discoloration; disgrace.
  26. To dye; tinge; discolor; sully; tarnish; disgrace.
  27. To make a stain upon; impart a stain to; color or discolor.
  28. To take or impart a stain.
  29. A discoloration.
  30. A dye used in staining.
  31. A moral taint; tarnish.
  32. Stainless.
  33. Discolouration; a spot of a colour different from the ground; taint of guilt; reproach; cause of reproach.
  34. To discolour or spot with foreign matter; to tinge; to impress with figures of a different colour from the ground; to soil; to mark with guilt or infamy.
  35. To discolour; to tinge of a different colour; to blot; to render foul; to tarnish; to bring reproach; to mark with guilt or infamy; to impress or mark with a variety of colours.
  36. A blot; a foul spot; a spot of colour; taint of guilt; infamy; disgrace.

Usage examples for stain

  1. " Such a deed of violence must not stain the home of the gods. – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. The farmer helped him into his clothes, and himself removed the blood- stain from the lad's dazed face. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  3. His mission, he said, was one of peace, and he would not stain it at the outset by an act of violence. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling
  4. But I swear it by my family pride and name, which are dearer to me than life, if you leave a stain upon them you shall die. – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe
  5. When we have once sinned, no future goodness can wipe out the stain; all that we can do is to trust that He will forgive us for our Saviour's sake; but we can, in a certain degree, make amends to our fellow- creatures; and the right thing for you now will be to acknowledge to Miss Morton, when she is able to see you, how very great your fault has been, and then to show, by every means in your power, that you are anxious to consult her happiness. – Amy Herbert by Elizabeth Sewell
  6. The red stain turning more and more to a dull brown, stretched inside. – The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
  7. As soldiers, let us do our duty in the field; contend for our legitimate rights, and not stain our honor by the sacrifice of integrity. – Nathan Hale by Jean Christie Root
  8. First, I didn't think anything about it at all, only I noticed that the stain was on the left hand page. – Roy Blakeley by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  9. A moment's reflection told him that he had better do so, as the visit of the police must be connected with the stain of blood he had washed from the pavement, and he could prove that he had nothing to do with it. – The Heart of Rome by Francis Marion Crawford
  10. Love can never stain anything! – Berenice by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  11. No; wipe off the foul stain, and let it become a suitable and comfortable place for the seat of Government. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society