Usage examples for orange

  1. Serve with brown gravy, or orange gravy, No. 488, and a cut lemon. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  2. The Prince of Orange said that the retreat was a miracle he could not have hoped for; that he could scarcely believe in it, but that it had saved his army, and the whole of the Low Countries. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  3. But you know that my uncle has got the great orange garden, and is a rich man. – Four Phases of Love by Paul Heyse
  4. You've had an orange? – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  5. For twenty- four hours she lay in bed, and would have no one near her but her woman, who brought her a cup of orange- flower water from time to time. – The Thirteen by Honore de Balzac
  6. The increase is independent of the original length of the girdle, which may be round the earth or round an orange; in any case the additional six yards will give a distance of nearly a yard all round. – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  7. But the escape was but from the prison, for the city gate was locked when the carriage of the De Witts drove up, locked by order of the deputies of the Town Hall, and a certain young man- who was none other than William, Prince of Orange- held the key. – The World's Greatest Books, Vol III by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.
  8. Why, that must be the light from the orange spot down there. – Pirates of the Gorm by Nat Schachner
  9. For a moment he saw nothing; then, south of the star, he saw a thin, orange line. – Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet by Harold Leland Goodwin
  10. Own your own orange grove. – Police!!! by Robert W. Chambers
  11. Let's have plenty of orange. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  12. There are several popular varieties of the orange. – History of California by Helen Elliott Bandini
  13. Only never show me another orange as long as I live. – The Motor Maids by Palm and Pine by Katherine Stokes
  14. My head throbs so, I don't quite understand," 'Lina said, piteously, while Hugh held the poor aching head against his bosom, crushing the orange blossoms, and whispering softly: " He means Adah." – Bad Hugh by Mary Jane Holmes
  15. Pernet- Ducher, 1900. Beautiful orange yellow. – Roses and Rose Growing by Rose Georgina Kingsley
  16. He bought one for twelve thousand ducats, in one of the best wards of the city, with a fountain and pond, and a garden well stocked with orange trees. – The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  17. From pictures she had seen, Beth recognized the palms, and the orange trees. – A Little Florida Lady by Dorothy C. Paine
  18. The city flag was orange and blue. – Mutineer by Robert J. Shea