Definitions of typical

  1. of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; " Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor"- Curtis Wilkie; " that is typical of you!"
  2. exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category; " a typical American girl"; " a typical suburban community"; " the typical car owner drives 10, 000 miles a year"; " a painting typical of the Impressionist school"; " a typical romantic poem"; " a typical case of arteritis"
  3. conforming to a type; " the typical ( or normal) American"; " typical teenage behavior"
  4. Of the nature of a type; representing something by a form, model, or resemblance; emblematic; prefigurative.
  5. Combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group; as, a typical genus.
  6. Symbolic; representative of a class; showing the characteristics of its group; like others of its kind.
  7. Typically.
  8. Pertaining to a type; characteristic.
  9. Having the nature or character of a type; symbolical; characteristic.
  10. Emblematic; figurative; exhibiting prominently the characteristics of a group. See Type. Typic fever, one that is regular in its attacks.
  11. Emblematic; figurative; indicative rather than positive; in bot., & c., applied to a specimen which has eminently the characteristics of the species, or to a species having the characteristies of an order; representing something future by a form, model, or resemblance.
  12. A specimen conforming to type or primary example ; exhibiting in a marked degree the essential characteristics of genus or species.

Usage examples for typical

  1. I remember one such expedition which is typical of many. – Indian Boyhood by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman
  2. Personally speaking, he presented a remarkable contrast to the typical British farmer. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  3. There was a man who to all appearance was a typical English gentleman, proud, sensitive of his honour, in every action which came before the world a right- dealing and a right- doing man. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  4. That on the south side, borne on huge corbels, has in front an arcade of seven round arches, resting on round shafts with typical Manoelino caps. – Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson
  5. His knowledge and methods cannot be taken as typical however, because his intellectual level was considerably above the average in the colony. – Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699 by Thomas P. Hughes
  6. This is a typical instance of the way in which the themes are used. – The Perfect Wagnerite A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring by George Bernard Shaw
  7. It's a typical woman's answer. – Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border by Annie Roe Carr
  8. The author has thus given an extreme case, but it is a typical and a true one, the actual experience of a person who related the circumstances to him. – The Pearl of India by Maturin M. Ballou
  9. The colouring is subdued but radiant with sunlight, and few pictures are as typical of the master's hand. – Great Masters in Painting: Perugino by George C. Williamson
  10. One case of this I will mention, which is typical of many. – The Child of the Dawn by Arthur Christopher Benson
  11. " Well, well, it is a sad case, and very typical of many which come in my way. – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  12. Both of them are typical examples of another phase of tuberculosis that is interesting to realize. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  13. These are only a few; but they are typical – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas
  14. And it is typical of him to forget that sort of thing. – Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell
  15. But it is typical of the whole detachment and distinction of his mind that for this abstract ideal he was willing to strengthen the heir of the king whom he had tried to exclude. – A Short History of England by G. K. Chesterton
  16. The Queen's Megaron may be taken as typical – The Sea-Kings of Crete by James Baikie
  17. Let critics, observing always who speaks and in what spirit he speaks, try to improve a word in a typical passage of Shakespeare. – Platform Monologues by T. G. Tucker
  18. In that respect, I fancied, she was typical of a large class of women- that class that thinks a doctor is a magician, or should be. – The Blue Germ by Martin Swayne
  19. Isn't he a typical California labor man? – The Native Son by Inez Haynes Irwin
  20. He was very yellow, had long black hair, gold spectacles and a top hat; he was a typical Japanese, but he spoke English perfectly. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler