Definitions of primitive

  1. a word serving as the basis for inflected or derived forms; "` pick' is the primitive from which ` picket' is derived"
  2. a mathematical expression from which another expression is derived
  3. A word in its simplest form and not derived from another.
  4. Primitiveness.
  5. A primitive word, or one not derived from another.
  6. An underived word.
  7. A primary or radical word.
  8. A word not derived from another. Primitive colours, red, yellow, and blue. Primitive rocks. See Primary.
  9. An original word; a word not derived from another.
  10. Primitively.
  11. ( fine arts) of or created by one without formal training; simple or naive in style; " primitive art such as that by Grandma Moses is often colorful and striking"
  12. ( anthropology; of societies) preliterate or tribal or nonindustrial; " primitive societies"
  13. Of or pertaining to the beginning or origin, or to early times; original; primordial; primeval; first; as, primitive innocence; the primitive church.
  14. Of or pertaining to a former time; old- fashioned; characterized by simplicity; as, a primitive style of dress.
  15. Original; primary; radical; not derived; as, primitive verb in grammar.
  16. An original or primary word; a word not derived from another; -- opposed to derivative.
  17. Pertaining to the beginning; original: opposite to derivative; simple or crude; old fashioned.
  18. Belonging to the beginning, or to the first times: original: ancient: antiquated: old- fashioned: not derived.
  19. Original; ancient.
  20. Pertaining to the beginning or origin; original; primary; radical; formal; old- fashioned.
  21. Of or belonging to remote or early times; ancient; pristine; old- fashioned; denoting that from which others are derived or formed.
  22. Of earliest origin; groove, knot, streak, aorta, palate, ventricle.