Definitions of golden

  1. very favorable or advantageous; " a golden opportunity"
  2. having the deep slightly brownish color of gold; " long aureate ( or golden) hair"; " a gold carpet"
  3. made from or covered with gold; " gold coins"; " the gold dome of the Capitol"; " the golden calf"; " gilded icons"
  4. suggestive of gold; " a golden voice"
  5. marked by peace and prosperity; " a golden era"; " the halcyon days of the clipper trade"
  6. Having the color of gold; as, the golden grain.
  7. Very precious; highly valuable; excellent; eminently auspicious; as, golden opinions.
  8. Formed of, consisting of, or like, gold; shining; bright like gold; most valuable; excellent.
  9. Made of gold: of the color of gold: bright: most valuable: happy: highly favorable.
  10. Made of gold; gold- colored; bright; precious; happy.
  11. Made or consisting of gold; bright; shining; of a gold colour or lustre; excellent; most valuable; happy; pre- eminently favourable. Goldenfleece, the fleece of gold taken from the ram that bore phryxus through the air to Colchis, and in quest of which Jason undertook the Argonautic expeditions. Golden number, a number showing the year of the moon's cycle. Golden rule, the rule of three; the rule that we should do as we would be done by. Golden- hair, an evergreen with yellow flowers. Golden- lungwort, species of hawkweed. Golden- maiden- hair, a moss. Golden- mouseear, a species of hawk- weed. Golden- pheasant, a beautiful chinese pheasant. Golden- rod, a tall herb bearing yellow flowers. Golden- rod- tree, a shrub of the Canary Isles. Golden- samphire, a herb resembling samphire. Golden- saxifrage, a plant growing in wet ground. Golden- thistle, a herb with yellow flowers.