Definitions of trespass

  1. entry to another's property without right or permission
  2. enter unlawfully on someone's property; " Don't trespass on my land!"
  3. pass beyond; of limits and boundaries
  4. commit a sin; violate a law of God or a moral law
  5. make excessive use of; " You are taking advantage of my good will!"; " She is trespassing upon my privacy"
  6. a wrongful interference with the possession of property ( personal property as well as realty), or the action instituted to recover damages
  7. break the law
  8. To pass beyond a limit or boundary; hence, to depart; to go.
  9. To commit a trespass; esp., to enter unlawfully upon the land of another.
  10. To go too far; to put any one to inconvenience by demand or importunity; to intrude; as, to trespass upon the time or patience of another.
  11. To commit any offense, or to do any act that injures or annoys another; to violate any rule of rectitude, to the injury of another; hence, in a moral sense, to transgress voluntarily any divine law or command; to violate any known rule of duty; to sin; -- often followed by against.
  12. Any injury or offence done to another.
  13. Any voluntary transgression of the moral law; any violation of a known rule of duty; sin.
  14. An unlawful act committed with force and violence ( vi et armis) on the person, property, or relative rights of another.
  15. An action for injuries accompanied with force.
  16. To commit any offense; sin; enter unlawfully upon the property of another; intrude.
  17. Any injury done to the person, rights, or property of another, transgression; sin.
  18. To pass over a limit or boundary: to enter unlawfully upon another's land: to inconvenience by importunity: to intrude: to injure or annoy another: to sin.
  20. Act of trespassing; transgression.
  21. To enter another's land unlawfully; intrude; sin.
  22. To pass the bounds of propriety or rectitude; err; sin.
  23. Any transgression of law or rule of duty; offense; sin.
  24. Any invasion of another's rights, as wrongful entry on another's land.
  25. An act of trespassing; transgression; any injury done to the person or property of another.
  26. To pass beyond; to enter unlawfully upon the land of another; to do any act that injures or annoys another; to intrude; to violate any known rule of duty.
  27. Any wrong or damage done by one person to another; transgression generally; unlawful entry on the lands of another; a known violation entry on the lands of another; a known violation of the moral law; sin.
  28. To go upon the lands of another unlawfully; to pass over a limit or boundary; to violate any known rule of moral duty; to intrude; to go too far.

Usage examples for trespass

  1. But I dare not trespass more on your space, or I could enlarge greatly on other singular facts. – The Truth About America by Edward Money
  2. But I had one other case of trespass, of which it is now time to speak. – October Vagabonds by Richard Le Gallienne
  3. Those men whose duty it was to watch the corporation's interest and to hold in line the needed lawmakers, appeared to regard legislative protection as a thing bought and paid for and safe from trespass. – The Law of Hemlock Mountain by Hugh Lundsford
  4. After that we may, perhaps, trespass a little more upon your kind offices. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat
  5. " I will then, if you please, no longer trespass on you," said Mr Selwyn, " when you wish me to call again, you will oblige me by sending word, or writing by post." – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  6. I'll try not to trespass again. – Behind the Green Door by Mildred A. Wirt
  7. The law is so sacred that no trespass against it is to be defended; yet frailties may in some measure be excused when they cannot be justified. – Political Pamphlets by George Saintsbury
  8. To the objection that even a basis in Law is no warrant for so great a trespass as the intrusion into another field of thought of the principles of Natural Science, I would reply that in this I find I am following a lead which in other departments has not only been allowed but has achieved results as rich as they were unexpected. – Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond
  9. As for Piers, he went from her as if he feared to trespass, and her heart smote her a little as she watched him go. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  10. The land is mine, and no one shall trespass upon it. – Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them by T. S. Arthur
  11. It merely seems reasonable to me that if you won't allow others on your property you shouldn't trespass yourself. – Behind the Green Door by Mildred A. Wirt
  12. 5. That is to say, cattle- trespass. – Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official by William Sleeman
  13. There had, however, been something in his position which made Gilmore think that the stranger had intended to trespass on his friend's garden. – The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope
  14. " I am compelled to trespass on your ladyship's attention for a few minutes more," he answered. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  15. Not in every place, brethren, are the continual daily sacrifices offered, or the free- will offerings, or the sin- offerings and the trespass- offerings, but in Jerusalem alone. – Church and State as Seen in the Formation of Christendom by T. W. Allies
  16. When he had committed any trespass of this kind, he used always, about the time when I drank tea, to return quietly, and seat himself in his usual place, with every appearance of innocence, as if nothing had happened; but this evening he did not let himself be seen. – Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  17. The law of trespass ought to have operated; a man's liable for the damage done by his own live- stock." – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  18. Upon the blood of the trespass offering. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  19. I will trespass no further, than to assure you of the sentiments of sincere attachment and respect, with which I have the honor to be your Excellency's most obedient, humble servant, Th: Jefferson. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson