Definitions of possession

  1. a mania restricted to one thing or idea
  2. the act of possessing; " they took possession of the ball"
  3. being controlled by passion or the supernatural
  4. anything owned or possessed
  5. the act of having and controlling property
  6. ( sport) the act of controlling the ball ( or puck); " they took possession of the ball on their own goal line"
  7. the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior
  8. a territory that is controllled by a ruling state
  9. The act or state of possessing, or holding as one's own.
  10. The having, holding, or detention of property in one's power or command; actual seizin or occupancy; ownership, whether rightful or wrongful.
  11. The thing possessed; that which any one occupies, owns, or controls; in the plural, property in the aggregate; wealth; dominion; as, foreign possessions.
  12. The state of being possessed or controlled, as by an evil spirit, or violent passions; madness; frenzy; as, demoniacal possession.
  13. To invest with property.
  14. Ownership; occupancy; the thing owned.
  15. Act of possessing: the thing possessed: property: state of being possessed, as by an evil spirit.
  16. Act of possessing; anything owned; control by an evil spirit.
  17. The having, holding of detention of property; the thing possessed; estate, or goods owned; anything valuable, possessed or enjoyed; the state of being possessed or under evil influence. To take possession, to enter on. To give possession, to put in another's power. Writ of possession, a sheriff's precept giving possession of property.
  18. State of owning or having in one's own power; that which is possessed; occupancy; property; state of being under the power of invisible beings; madness.

Quotes of possession

  1. Desire then is the invasion of the whole self by the wish, which, as it invades, sets going more and more of the psychical processes; but at the same time, so long as it remains desire, does not succeed in getting possession of the self. – Samuel Alexander
  2. I personally think intellectual property is an oxymoron. Physical objects have a completely different natural economy than intellectual goods. It's a tricky thing to try to own something that remains in your possession even after you give it to many others. – John Perry Barlow
  3. Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them. – Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. The belief that there is only one truth, and that oneself is in possession of it, is the root of all evil in the world. – Max Born
  5. Real politics are the possession and distribution of power. – Benjamin Disraeli
  6. Nowadays the rage for possession has got to such a pitch that there is nothing in the realm of nature, whether sacred or profane, out of which profit cannot be squeezed. – Desiderius Erasmus
  7. Riches do not delight us so much with their possession as torment us with their loss. – Dick Gregory
  8. How the early priests came into possession of these secrets does not appear, and if there were ever any records of this kind the Church would hardly allow them to become public. – Harry Houdini
  9. But when I direct I become possessed, a possession I've never quite understood. – Ted Kotcheff
  10. Possession isn't nine -tenths of the law. It's nine -tenths of the problem. – John Lennon
  11. For a creative writer possession of the "truth" is less important than emotional sincerity. – George Orwell
  12. Every possession and every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time, and may therefore be demanded back the next hour. – Arthur Schopenhauer
  13. If the egotist is weak, his egotism is worthless. If the egotist is strong, acute, full of distinctive character, his egotism is precious, and remains a possession of the race. – Alexander Smith
  14. Health is the greatest possession Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non -being is the greatest joy. – Lao Tzu
  15. Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession – George Washington

Usage examples for possession

  1. The idea that Gouache might be killed without having learned the truth began to take possession of him and caused him an annoyance he could not explain. – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  2. She spoke now with perfect self- possession – The Rome Express by Arthur Griffiths
  3. What did the fact of Rosamund's coming to Constantinople in possession of that knowledge mean? – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  4. The possession of my heart. – Arms and the Woman by Harold MacGrath
  5. They had my passport in their possession – A Woman's Experience in the Great War by Louise Mack
  6. At Belle Plain, Ware found his neighbors in possession of the place. – The Prodigal Judge by Vaughan Kester
  7. Ah, well, we shall have to make you march- you fellows in possession – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  8. It may be hundreds of years before the trees will spread over and again take possession of the waste land. –  by
  9. But if you think I'm going to let the fan out of my possession you're mistaken. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  10. Were they in your possession then? – That Affair Next Door by Anna Katharine Green
  11. He is in possession of all the facts- and he is better able to state them than I am." – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  12. It would be no more worthy the name of land, no longer fit to be called a possession – What's Mine's Mine by George MacDonald
  13. " The letter has been stolen by Bishopriggs," returned Sir Patrick, " and is in the possession of Bishopriggs at this moment." – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  14. I feared a knife, but if he had one he had not drawn it, and I was able to keep his hands too busy to allow him to get possession of it now. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  15. It had remained in Ansbach in the possession of the old lady who kept house for him. – The Goose Man by Jacob Wassermann
  16. We'll leave you in possession Sir John. – The Great Miss Driver by Anthony Hope
  17. If the Metreb are in possession you may bet that other people will keep off. – Greenmantle by John Buchan
  18. We will take possession in the name of the people. – The Debs Decision by Scott Nearing
  19. The possession of such a power, no doubt, keeps others from going wrong. – The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope
  20. Are you sure that your comrades have not taken possession of the mountain mother? – The Story of a Mine by Bret Harte

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