Definitions of divine

  1. To use or practise divination; to utter presages; to have presages; to guess or conjecture. Divine right, the allegation that a ruler holds his right to rule direct from God, and is not responsible for his actions as such to any lower tribunal or authority.
  2. To find out or foretell by assumed supernatural aid; prognosticate; surmise; guess.
  3. To foresee or foreknow; to detect; to anticipate; to conjecture.
  4. To foretell; to predict; to presage.
  5. To guess or foresee; know by intuition; presage.
  6. To foresee or foretell as if divinely inspired: to guess or make out.
  7. To use or practice divination; to foretell by divination; to utter prognostications.
  8. To have or feel a presage or foreboding.
  9. To conjecture or guess; as, to divine rightly.
  10. To conjecture; guess.
  11. To profess or practice divination: to have forebodings.
  12. discover intuitively
  13. To know beforehand; to foretell; to conjecture.
  14. To foretell or predict; to use or practise divination; to guess or conjecture.
  15. the Judeo- Christian God
  16. a clergyman or other person in religious orders
  17. A theologian; clergyman.
  18. One skilled in divine things: a minister of the gospel: a theologian.
  19. A minister of the gospel; a man skilled in divinity; a theologian.
  20. A minister of the Gospel; a clergyman; a priest.
  22. being or having the nature of a god; " the custom of killing the divine king upon any serious failure of his... powers"- J. G. Frazier; " the divine will"; " the divine capacity for love"; " 'Tis wise to learn; 'tis God- like to create"- J. G. Saxe
  23. resulting from divine providence; " providential care"; " a providential visitation"
  24. devoted to or in the service or worship of a deity; " divine worship"; " divine liturgy"
  25. search by divining, as if with a rod; " He claimed he could divine underground water"
  26. Of or belonging to God; as, divine perfections; the divine will.
  27. Proceeding from God; as, divine judgments.
  28. Appropriated to God, or celebrating his praise; religious; pious; holy; as, divine service; divine songs; divine worship.
  29. Godlike; heavenly; excellent in the highest degree; supremely admirable; apparently above what is human. In this application, the word admits of comparison; as, the divinest mind. Sir J. Davies.
  30. Presageful; foreboding; prescient.
  31. Relating to divinity or theology.
  32. One skilled in divinity; a theologian.
  33. Partaking of the nature of God; sacred; holy; pertaining to theology.
  34. Belonging to or proceeding from God: devoted to God's service: holy: sacred: excellent in the highest degree.
  35. Pertaining to God or a deity; sacred.
  36. To foresee or foretell the future; have supernatural insight into; find out.
  37. Pertaining to, proceeding from, or of the nature of God or of a god; sacred; excellent; godlike.
  38. Pertaining to divinity or theology.
  39. Pertaining to God; pertaining to a heathen god; of the nature of God; proceeding from God; godlike; heavenly; excellent in the highest degree; extraordinary; apparently superhuman; devoted to the service of God or His praise; pertaining to theology.
  40. Pert. to the true God; heavenly; sacred; excellent in the highest degree; above human.