Definitions of beyond

  1. On the further side of; in the same direction as, and further on or away than.
  2. At a place or time not yet reached; before.
  3. Past, out of the reach or sphere of; further than; greater than; as, the patient was beyond medical aid; beyond one's strength.
  4. In a degree or amount exceeding or surpassing; proceeding to a greater degree than; above, as in dignity, excellence, or quality of any kind.
  5. On the farther side of; before; as, history reaches back beyond the earliest written record; past; out of reach of; later than; above; in a degree or amount exceeding or surpassing; as, he succeeded beyond his highest hope.
  6. On the farther side of: farther onward than: out of reach of.
  7. Farther or later than; out of reach of; superior to; more than.
  8. On the farther side of; farther onward than; farther than any given limit; before, or at a place not yet reached; past, or out of reach of; above, or in a degree exceeding or surpassing. To go beyond, to exceed in ingenuity, in research, or in anything else; in a bad sense, to deceive or circumvent.
  9. The existence after death, or in the future.
  10. That which is on the other side or farther on; the future life.
  11. At a distance; at the further side; out of reach; above : to go beyond, to surpass.
  12. on the farther side from the observer; " a pond with a hayfield beyond"
  13. farther along in space or time or degree; " through the valley and beyond"; " to the eighth grade but not beyond"; " will be influential in the 1990s and beyond"
  14. Further away; at a distance; yonder.
  15. At a distance farther a way; yonder.
  16. On the further side of.
  17. On the other side of something intervening; yonder; far off.
  18. At a distance; yonder.