Definitions of demand

  1. To claim as due; insist upon; need; require; make claim.
  2. To ask or call for with authority; to claim or seek from, as by authority or right; to claim, as something due; to call for urgently or peremptorily; as, to demand a debt; to demand obedience.
  3. To inquire authoritatively or earnestly; to ask, esp. in a peremptory manner; to question.
  4. To require as necessary or useful; to be in urgent need of; hence, to call for; as, the case demands care.
  5. To call into court; to summon.
  6. The act of demanding; an asking with authority; a peremptory urging of a claim; a claiming or challenging as due; requisition; as, the demand of a creditor; a note payable on demand.
  7. Earnest inquiry; question; query.
  8. A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to possess; request; as, a demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great demand.
  9. That which one demands or has a right to demand; thing claimed as due; claim; as, demands on an estate.
  10. The asking or seeking for what is due or claimed as due.
  11. The right or title in virtue of which anything may be claimed; as, to hold a demand against a person.
  12. A thing or amount claimed to be due.
  13. To claim; to exact; to question; summon; require.
  14. To claim: to ask earnestly or authoritatively: to call for: to question.
  15. To call for; ask; claim.
  16. To make a demand; to inquire.
  17. To inquire by authority.
  18. claim as due or just; " The bank demanded payment of the loan"
  19. ask to be informed of; " I demand an explanation"
  20. summon to court
  21. To claim or seek as due by right; to ask by authority; to require; to ask; to question; to sue for.
  22. an urgent or peremptory request; " his demands for attention were unceasing"
  23. the ability and desire to purchase goods and services; " the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips"; " the demand exceeded the supply"
  24. lay legal claim to
  25. Authoritative claim; an imperative request; the state of being sought after; as, coal is in great demand.
  26. The asking for what is due: an asking for with authority: a claim: earnest inquiry.
  27. A calling- for; claim; question.
  28. The act of demanding, or that which is demanded; requirement; claim; need.
  29. A claim by right; an asking with authority; a desire to possess; the price demanded; question asked; the asking or seeking for what is due, or claimed as due, either expressly, by words, or by implication, as by seizure of goods or entry into lands. Demand and supply, express the relations between consumption and production, or the desire for commodities and the supply of them, so that when the former is in excess prices rise, and when the latter prices fall.
  30. An asking with authority; a challenging as due; the requiring of a price for goods; the desire to possess.