Definitions of scout

  1. someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
  2. explore, often with the goal of finding something or somebody
  3. someone employed to discover and recruit talented persons ( especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports)
  4. A boy scout ( which see, above).
  5. A swift sailing boat.
  6. A projecting rock.
  7. To reject with contempt, as something absurd; to treat with ridicule; to flout; as, to scout an idea or an apology.
  8. A person sent out to gain and bring in tidings; especially, one employed in war to gain information of the movements and condition of an enemy.
  9. A fielder in a game for practice.
  10. The act of scouting or reconnoitering.
  11. To observe, watch, or look for, as a scout; to follow for the purpose of observation, as a scout.
  12. To pass over or through, as a scout; to reconnoiter; as, to scout a country.
  13. To go on the business of scouting, or watching the motions of an enemy; to act as a scout.
  14. A college student's or undergraduate's servant; - so called in Oxford, England; at Cambridge called a gyp; and at Dublin, a skip.
  15. To go in search of information, especially of the movements of an enemy; to explore; to mock; with at.
  16. To examine; to reconnoiter; to treat with contempt; to reject with scorn, as something ridiculous.
  17. One sent out to bring in tidings, observe the enemy, etc.: a college servant at Oxford.
  18. To sneer at: to reject with disdain.
  19. One sent to observe the enemy, bring information, & c.
  20. To act as a scout.
  21. To reject disdainfully.
  22. To follow and spy upon; act as a scout.
  23. A person sent out to get information, as of the position or strength of an enemy.
  24. To reject with disdain; spurn.
  25. One sent to observe the motions of an enemy.
  26. To sneer at; to treat with disdain.
  27. One sent before an army, or in advance of settlers or explorers, to ascertain the presence or movements of an enemy.

Usage examples for scout

  1. They think I'm not a scout any more, and I'm going to show them. – Tom Slade at Black Lake by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. While one scout attracted my attention on the left and I was engaged in keeping him off by firing occasional bursts, a machine gun opened fire with a deafening clatter at point- blank range from behind. – 'Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany by Gerald Featherstone Knight
  3. No, thanks awfully, boy- scout. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  4. It couldn't be helped, of course, but it's a pity two companies had to be sent on that scout. – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  5. There was one little point in which, perhaps, a Boy Scout could have helped him had he been there. – Young Knights of the Empire by Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  6. In addition there were small scout and dispatch boats of various shapes and sizes. – A History of Sea Power by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
  7. They are delightful stories of Girl Scout camp life amid beautiful surroundings and are filled with stirring adventures. – Polly in New York by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
  8. Presently a scout came in and reported the enemy in sight. – With Steyn and De Wet by Philip Pienaar
  9. A council was held immediately, in the course of which the scout was put through a rigid examination. – Indian Boyhood by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman
  10. Sykes, he said, I'll never get another chance to say it- but you're one good scout!... – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930 by Various
  11. On scout duty he frequently penetrated German trenches and gun positions in the night. – The Argus Pheasant by John Charles Beecham
  12. Almost any one save an Indian scout would have fancied this came from the roof. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  13. " I know Burnham," the President wrote in 1901. " He is a scout and a hunter of courage and ability, a man totally without fear, a sure shot, and a fighter. – Real Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis
  14. I've got to scout around on business of my own, and I don't know just how long it's going to take me. – The Uphill Climb by B. M. Bower
  15. I utterly scout the idea put forward by some writers that what they have taken on of Western civilisation is either a veneer or a varnish, or that the advancement of the nation resembles the growth of the mushroom and is no more stable. – The Empire of the East by H. B. Montgomery
  16. " He sees everything in the sky," Hunt Ward added; " he's the one that put the see in sea- scout." – Roy Blakeley in the Haunted Camp by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  17. Good old scout, Mabel, but I can't say I enjoy visiting there. – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  18. When he reached the road, Sergeant Fronklyn had mounted his horse, and was waiting for orders from the chief scout. – A Lieutenant at Eighteen by Oliver Optic
  19. To prevent this, Dick proposed sending out the Indians to scout and ascertain the exact position of the enemy. – Adventures in the Far West by W.H.G. Kingston