Definitions of observe

  1. To be attentive; to remark.
  2. To take notice of by appropriate conduct; to conform one's action or practice to; to keep; to heed; to obey; to comply with; as, to observe rules or commands; to observe civility.
  3. To be on the watch respecting; to pay attention to; to notice with care; to see; to perceive; to discover; as, to observe an eclipse; to observe the color or fashion of a dress; to observe the movements of an army.
  4. To take notice of; to watch closely; to keep or celebrate; to remark.
  5. To keep in view: to notice: to regard attentively: to remark: to comply with: to keep religiously: ( B.) to keep or guard.
  6. To notice; regard attentively; remark; comply with.
  7. To celebrate; comply with.
  8. To remark incidentally.
  9. To take notice; to give attention to what one sees or hears; to attend.
  10. To make a remark; to comment; - generally with on or upon.
  11. To take notice; to comment.
  12. To take notice: to attend: to remark.
  13. show respect towards; " honor your parents!"
  14. celebrate, as of holidays or rites; " Keep the commandments"; " celebrate Christmas"; " Observe Yom Kippur"
  15. follow with the eyes or the mind; " Keep an eye on the baby, please!"; " The world is watching Sarajevo"; " She followed the men with the binoculars"
  16. observe with care or pay close attention to; " Take note of this chemical reaction"
  17. conform one's action or practice to; " keep appointments"; " she never keeps her promises"; " We kept to the original conditions of the contract"
  18. watch attentively; " Please observe the reaction of these two chemicals"
  19. To notice; to take notice of; to remark; to celebrate; to comply with.
  20. To take notice of; to note; to mark; to see or behold with some attention; to utter or express, as a remark or opinion; to keep religiously; to celebrate; to comply with; to make a remark.