Definitions of search

  1. To seek; to look for; to make inquiry.
  2. To look over or through, for the purpose of finding something; to examine; to explore; as, to search the city.
  3. To examine or explore by feeling with an instrument; to probe; as, to search a wound.
  4. To examine; to try; to put to the test.
  5. The act of seeking or looking for something; quest; inquiry; pursuit for finding something; examination.
  6. To seek for; look for; go over and examine; as, to search a house; explore; inspect; probe.
  7. To look round to find: to seek: to examine: to inspect: to explore: to put to the test.
  8. To seek for; examine; test.
  9. To seek; to look for something; to make inquiry, exploration, or examination; to hunt.
  10. Seek; to make inquiry.
  11. To seek for: to make inquiry.
  12. To seek; examine.
  13. try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; " The police are searching for clues"; " They are searching for the missing man in the entire county"
  14. subject to a search; " The police searched the suspect"; " We searched the whole house for the missing keys"
  15. To explore; to examine; to inquire; to probe.
  16. To seek for the purpose of finding; to look through; to explore; to put to the test; to make inquiry.
  17. an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property; " they wrote a program to do a table lookup"
  18. an investigation seeking answers; " a thorough search of the ledgers revealed nothing"; " the outcome justified the search"
  19. boarding and inspecting a ship on the high seas; " right of search"
  20. the examination of alternative hypotheses; " his search for a move that would avoid checkmate was unsuccessful"
  21. The act of seeking or looking for something; investigation; examination; pursuit; quest.
  22. The act of seeking or looking for: examination: inquiry: investigation: pursuit.
  23. Act of seeking; quest; examination.
  24. A seeking or looking for something; a seeking; inquiry; pursuit for finding. Right of search, the right claimed by a nation to authorize her naval commanders to examine the merchant vessels of other nations in time of war.
  25. A seeking or looking, as for something lost or desired, or whose place is unknown; quest; pursuit; an endeavour to obtain; inquiry; examination.