Definitions of college

  1. a complex of buildings in which a college is housed
  2. British slang for prison
  3. the body of faculty and students of a college
  4. A collection, body, or society of persons engaged in common pursuits, or having common duties and interests, and sometimes, by charter, peculiar rights and privileges; as, a college of heralds; a college of electors; a college of bishops.
  5. A building, or number of buildings, used by a college.
  6. Fig.: A community.
  7. A society of men possessing certain powers and rights, and engaged in some common pursuit, especially literary studies; an educational institution in which advanced courses are given.
  8. ( orig.) Any collection or community of men with certain privileges or a common pursuit, as a college of heralds or the college of cardinals: a seminary of learning: a literary, political, or religious institution: the edifice appropriated to a college.
  9. An organised community with a definite pursuit; a seminary of learning.
  10. A school of higher learning.
  11. A body of associates or colleagues.
  12. An organized collection or body of men, invested with certain powers and rights, performing certain duties, or engaged in some common pursuit; a corporation; a seminary of learning incorporated by authority; an institution for instruction in any particular study; a scholastic establishment; a house or edifice appropriated to the use of a college; the incorporated legal faculty; a political or electoral body.
  13. An assemblage or society of men possessing certain powers and rights, and engaged in some common employment or pursuit; a number of persons engaged in literary studies; the building where they meet or reside; a university.