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  1. I'm not squeamish at all. As a child I dragged a dead squirrel home on my skateboard and cut it open and tried to look at its brain. – Jessica Biel
  2. You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet. – Hal Borland
  3. Living is no laughing matter: you must live with great seriousness like a squirrel for example- I mean without looking for something beyond and above living, I mean living must be your whole occupation. – Nazim Hikmet
  4. Tricker the Squirrel is the best piece I ever wrote. It's intricate. – Ken Kesey
  5. A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit! – Sarah Jessica Parker
  6. You can't be friends with a squirrel A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit. – Sarah Jessica Parker
  7. The idea is that there is a kind of memory in nature. Each kind of thing has a collective memory. So, take a squirrel living in New York now. That squirrel is being influenced by all past squirrels. – Rupert Sheldrake
  8. I had to make squirrel noises as Bubbles and without realizing it, I was making the face and putting my fingers up to my face to look like a squirrel and everyone made fun of me for the rest of the day. – Tara Strong

Usage examples for squirrel

  1. Do you see the squirrel Dave? – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler
  2. After the shot Williams in great agitation said:- " I saw a squirrel and have missed it." – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  3. A squirrel perhaps, or, horrible to think of, it might be a rat. – The Associate Hermits by Frank R. Stockton
  4. Mr. Red Squirrel grumbled. – Mother West Wind's Children by Thornton W. Burgess
  5. " This moving one is a gray squirrel he said. – Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Unknown
  6. " The odd part of it is that so few people go to the Squirrel Inn," said the lady. – The Squirrel Inn by Frank R. Stockton
  7. No, no, the first of the friends said to the squirrel we are on the way back to being Stoics and practising the more self- denying virtues. – Imaginary Interviews by W. D. Howells
  8. His old hunter's instinct caused him to look keenly down the path as he turned the clump of bushes which stopped his view; but he saw no squirrel or other moving thing. – The Burial of the Guns by Thomas Nelson Page
  9. You might see another squirrel – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  10. Just then he happened to spy a squirrel on a stone wall. – The Tale of Old Dog Spot by Arthur Scott Bailey
  11. He could see the little squirrel perched on the lowest branch of the pine, and he could not be sure whether it was trying to inspire him with courage or only making fun of him. – The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart by Adelbert von Chamisso Wilhelm Hauff
  12. The only shooting I've ever done is rabbit- shooting, or squirrel shooting. – The Mountain Divide by Frank H. Spearman
  13. He wouldn't have to say much, there would be the squirrel no boasting would be necessary with the squirrel lying dead. – Tales of War by Lord Dunsany
  14. Leaving the squirrel in undisputed possession of the park, we followed the winding road past glowing beds of flowers, which are worth considering like " the lilies of the field, for they preach to us if we but can hear." – See America First by Orville O. Hiestand
  15. He was as gray and as lively as a squirrel as I remember him, and used to spring up in the air and " cross his feet," as we called it, three times before he came down. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  16. The red squirrel in the branches above me looked wisely. – Arms and the Woman by Harold MacGrath
  17. A jet- black squirrel of the same proportion occurs in Sylhet and Cachar, which Dr. Anderson is inclined to think belongs also to this species. – Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon by Robert A. Sterndale
  18. It was a squirrel curled into a tiny ball of oblivion. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England
  19. Get it out, Squirrel – The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit
  20. Gone after a squirrel I suppose, ' and he whistled loudly to call him back. – The Strange Story Book by Mrs. Andrew Lang

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