Usage examples for bushy

  1. The old man frowned at him from under the bushy brows. – Under Boy Scout Colors by Joseph Bushnell Ames
  2. Uncle James was a rather pompous, fussy old man with red cheeks and bushy eyebrows. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  3. His face was adorned with a strong, bushy, martial moustache. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  4. The last nest made is very likely to be upon some neighboring bushy plant or at least to include some branches of such a plant if the bulk of the nest is made upon snake- head. – Butterflies Worth Knowing by Clarence M. Weed
  5. So she walked back, with her bushy tail straight up in the air, and rubbed against the little boy's legs. – The Doers by William John Hopkins
  6. A pair of dark eyes sparkled under heavy, bushy brows, which gave them the aspect of clear springs shaded by dense thickets. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  7. Cone, Mr. Penrose peered at him solemnly from under his bushy eyebrows, I know what it is to look into the jaws of Death, literally! – The Dude Wrangler by Caroline Lockhart
  8. The doctor looked at her under his bushy eyebrows. – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  9. Something told him to do as Long- Hair ordered, so with scarcely a perceptible hesitation he scrambled down the bushy bank and slipped into the water, followed by Long- Hair, who seized him by one arm when he began to swim, and struck out with him into the boiling and tumbling current. – Alice of Old Vincennes by Maurice Thompson
  10. But once in the more open, sloping country, with its innumerable bushy or wooded ravines, he began to stray. – African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White
  11. His bushy head was lowered and his beard swept the ground. – The Biography of a Prairie Girl by Eleanor Gates
  12. He had a white mark on his nose and forehead; his legs were short and thick; his tail was bushy, and the claws on his front feet were almost as long as a bear's. – The Grizzly King by James Oliver Curwood
  13. And he looked around and there was his friend the foreman, and the cat had gone to meet him and was coming back beside him, and she was looking up into the foreman's face, and her bushy tail was sticking straight up into the air. – The Doers by William John Hopkins
  14. His head was covered with a mass of black bushy hair, his skin was as dark as bronze, and his features were strong and clear cut. – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  15. Catharine caught a portion of the excitement that danced in the bright eyes of her cousin, and declaring that she too would go and witness the hunt, ran down the ravine by his side; while Wolfe, who evidently understood that they had some sport in view, trotted along by his mistress, wagging his great bushy tail, and looking in high good- humour. – Lost in the Backwoods by Catherine Parr Traill
  16. The men of the working class are fond of wearing enormous bushy whiskers, and women of all classes are accustomed to wear moustachios. – Spanish Life in Town and Country by L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street
  17. He has a thick fluffy coat, big bushy ears, and no tail. – Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1 by Edward William Cole
  18. Mr. Grant shook his bushy grey head. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  19. He was six feet tall, broad- shouldered, his mustache and hair already turning; his eyebrows were a trifle bushy, and his eyes reminded men of one eternal and highly prized quality- honesty. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill