Usage examples for leaping

  1. The words leaped as a leaping sword- " Sail on, sail on, sail on and on!" – The Story of Magellan and The Discovery of the Philippines by Hezekiah Butterworth
  2. Condent leaping into the hold, to attack the Indian. – The Pirates Own Book by Charles Ellms
  3. It was not five minutes after the two parted at the corner before Hal Harling came leaping up the McGregors' stairway and gave a loud knock at their door. – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  4. He crept forward until he was within leaping distance of the trees. – Three Sioux Scouts by Elmer Russell Gregor
  5. And the prisoner laughed aloud, leaping in the air with a bitter joy. – The Legend of the Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the land of Flanders and elsewhere by Charles de Coster
  6. She, herself, says that she has three days," I went on, as he started to protest, " so there is no necessity for leaping in the dark. – The Gloved Hand by Burton E. Stevenson
  7. The other two men, leaping to place behind him, felt all over his body, not gently. – The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  8. Just then up jumped my father near to Giles, and came leaping in front of the Red- faced Man about twenty yards away from him. – The Mahatma and the Hare by H. Rider Haggard
  9. The others were just emerging from the French windows- grotesque, leaping things they looked, in the light that streamed out behind them from the room. – The Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard
  10. When Nell turned she was amazed to see Joe standing beside the wagon, while a big white dog was leaping upon him. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  11. Its motion is somewhat slow, and it does not appear to have the same power of leaping or springing by which the rats in general avoid danger. – Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon by Robert A. Sterndale
  12. As he spoke, he threw his shield and helmet to the ground, and leaping from the war- carriage, took his course, with a fearless and dignified step, through the parting ranks of his enemies, who, awe- struck, or kept in check by a suspicion that others might not second the attack they would have made on him, durst not lift an arm or breathe a word as he passed. – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  13. " You're right, sir," said he, leaping to his feet, " It's too poor I am for your daughter, is it? – Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893 by Hall Caine
  14. She ran, leaping over rough places, laughing, talking to herself in French. – The White Peacock by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  15. The leaping sparks seemed to pass through her tender frame, but she lay there still, with that awful stillness of the dead. – Lola by Owen Davis
  16. Young health on the flow of her leaping blood cried out that it could not be other than Alvan's wish; she believed in his wishing it. – The Tragic Comedians, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  17. Leaping from her seat, she flew to his side, thrust her hand into one pocket and another, until she drew forth a large diamond. – An I.D.B. in South Africa by Louise Vescelius-Sheldon
  18. I suppose my heart leaping toward her made no sound. – Michelangelo's Shoulder by John Moncure Wetterau
  19. We approached very close to the shore where the figures of the Indians were distinctly visible by the light of the leaping names. – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx
  20. Phil placed the little jumping board in place, upon which the riders step just as they are leaping to the back of the ring horses. – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Mississippi-or-Afloat-with-the-Big-Show-on-the-Big-River by Darlington, Edgar B. P.