Definitions of slot

  1. To shut with violence; to slam; as, to slot a door.
  2. To groove; to cut a narrow opening in.
  3. To slit or groove.
  4. Slotting.
  5. ( computers) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug- in circuit board; " the PC had three slots for additional memory"
  6. a small slit ( as for inserting a coin or depositing mail); " he put a quarter in the slot"
  7. a position in a grammatical linguistic construction in which a variety of alternative units are interchangeable; " he developed a version of slot grammar"
  8. the trail of an animal ( especially a deer); " he followed the deer's slot over the soft turf to the edge of the trees"
  9. a position in a hierarchy or organization; " Bob Dylan occupied the top slot for several weeks"; " she beat some tough competition for the number one slot"
  10. a time assigned on a schedule or agenda; " the TV program has a new time slot"; " an aircraft landing slot"
  11. A broad, flat, wooden bar; a slat or sloat.
  12. A bolt or bar for fastening a door.
  13. A narrow depression, perforation, or aperture; esp., one for the reception of a piece fitting or sliding in it.
  14. The track of a deer; hence, a track of any kind.
  15. A narrow crack or groove; a small, narrow opening, big enough to insert a a coin; a deer's track.
  16. A broad, flat, wooden bar which locks or holds together larger pieces.
  17. The track of a deer.
  18. Long hole or slit in a plate of metal.
  19. A narrow groove or opening; slit.
  20. The trail of an animal, as a deer.
  21. A broad, flat wooden bar, to hold larger pieces together.
  22. The print of a stag's foot on the ground; a depression or mortise in a plate of metal, or a slit through it; in a theatre, a trap- door in the stage.
  23. Slotted.